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IN-Call Review: Abby @ Mirage @ DM - My Blond Ambition

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NOTE: I saw Abby when she was within the Mirage organization. I usually wait to post a review so if by chance the SP is on these boards they will not be able to identify me...ti probably does not work
She is now with Dreammakers.

VIP Status. An interesting concept in the escort world. A world with many exquisite women. The criteria for being knighted VIP status, for me, has been a conundrum. This is in part due to the fact I have seen ladies that are the considered (by experience and peer review) the finest in this profession who are not branded VIPs. Classically best in any area are deemed VIP(s) (for example...i am a VIP which is earned and is well supported measured against its competitors. Is the escort field different? Is it all relative?
Mirage has a few VIPs. I know this classification is a in-house at Mirage and perhaps at the discretion (option) of the provider however, that does not remove the stigma, in addition it perhaps adds extra pressure on the SP in proving that they are infact VIP escorts. One of the their greatest opponents, of course, is client subjectivity. To be honest, I am a sucker for a beautiful girl with a great body and I figure that would be a absolutely necessary VIP characteristic. Therefore I booked Mirage VIP Abby, to see what this Mirage VIP is like...and of course after reading the limited reviews on her........let's do this:

Location variable depending on availability. Therefore YL-ocationMV. Upscale building, large & busy so discrete, paid parking, easily accessible. Neat & clean facilities, refreshing-up amenities provided. Comfortable beds. You know how it is.....classic Mirage

Booking and Communication:
Advanced booking. I got in there a little early and was told after me she was booked up solid. Phone booking. The integrity of the service from the Mirage staff was preserved compared to my other reviews (more details provided). I dealt with the same individuals, Ravi and Taylor with out incident. Everything went smoothly, effectivley and with care and consideration on the part of the staff members.

Accuracy of pics:
I have to establish this fact first: Abby is a beautiful woman. In my opinion was that the only inaccuracy in the pics was in body habitus. I felt Abby was just a...this is important when I say just little bit more fuller/curvier...(i am such a jerk...dam you the need for accurate reivews!!). However, she is curvier in all the right places and is my no means would be considered cubby (she has a flattened abdominal area)....she is hovering around spinner. My comments are based on my interpretation of the pics, as I thought she looked a bit thinner than in reality. I may have some opposition...and that is good and as always promoted). Abby is more larger chest, hips. And they are great. Everything else is as illustrated/perceived.
Statistics: Natural, and accurate although she may have been a little more than 110 lbs..but she is 5'3" so that may be accurate.
Face - A naturally beautiful face. Hot. Little if any make-up when I saw her. A little more beautiful than GND looks. She is one of the prettiest Mirage ladies (based on my experience) = Visual VIP status criteria met. Dyed blonde hair to below shoulders. Perhaps a tattoo here and there.
Body - See 'Accuracy of pictures'. However, her body is hot. Great proportions. She has the tendency to keep in shape and work out. I did like her proportions. Natural. My ATF is a fit, spinner type and she is within the boarders of my ATF zone. Almost as slim as Julia and Jemma. Smooth flawless skin perhaps lightly tanned as illustrated.

She is another head-turner.

She is a good converstationalist, as we talk a lot. She was honest and sincere. She is very comforting and considerate. She can have a no-nonsense attitude and be very accomodating. She knows what she likes and would tell you. She is also motivating providing vocal encouragement/responses. When she likes something and feels good she will let you know in a variety of ways. She is, as all SPs, so far, very sexual and enjoys what she does. She is enthusiastic and at times passionate. Same characteristics stand as I found her classy, kind, intelligent, well-grounded, fun and courteous.

The Abby Experience
Upon seeing her for the first time I was content with her beauty however, as mentioned her body was not entirely what I was expecting however, it still looked great. She was all smiles and laughes and greeted me enthusiastically. After offering me some wine, and my imminent refusal as i don't drink, she was very considerate as to stop siping herself, not that it would bother me. We engaged in pleasant conversation, sincere, at times intellectually stimulating and personal. She is another one that I could have spoken to the whole session. When the time came, she was very accommodating and knew what she liked and let me know what I asked (common reponses from other SPs are, I like everything). She did appear to enjoy herself and as mentioned before let me know if she was enjoying things through a variety of methods. Of course she is experienced and well skilled. She was all booked up for that day so I was conscious not too go over time. She did not point that out as Mirage mentioned it because I may have had to reschedule to later that day.
Menu: As listed on website

Abby is a beautiful woman and is a good SP. I am not entirely sure if I'd would call her a VIP but I don't think anyone is VIP really..VIP status/service may not actually exist in this field because it is all the same..or perhaps I have yet to experience what people consider VIP treatment. There are a few girls at Mirage that can carry the VIP status based on service & attitude if they choose so given the standard. Her looks though are in the upper class of Mirage for sure...I guess VIP in the Mirage organization.
I had a great time with Abby. She was a good time.

Previous Reviews:
I agree with the previous reivews

Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: Moderate - I do want to see her again but will TDL a few first.
As always feel free to PM me with questions.

Half Hour: $200
Hour: $300
Now with dream-makers: - no pics as of this post
I am not sure of her rates there.

Thanks again Mirage,
And I wish you the best at your new organization Abby.
Nice acquisition DM.
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Nice review Chaos. I remember once when I was booking with Mirage and Andy was answering the phones. He told me the VIP label was the provider's choice, that the agency wasn't making anymore than the other girls. I think some girls prefer only working a few hours and seeing a small number of clients.


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Great review Chaos, very informative, thanks for the endorsement on her service; she's has been on my radar for months maybe is time to me put her on my TDL.

Lou Pole

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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Thanks chaos I saw Abby when @ Mirage and had a very similarr experience she is a fine young woman.
Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Thanks for the well organised review. Abby has been on my TDL but I haven't gotten around to seeing her.


Chaos your reviews blow me away outstanding work and great review.


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Very thorough review CT. Abby is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met.

Knight Rider

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Excellent review, Chaos. I have not yet seen Abby yet, but your review has moved her high on my TDL.

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