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I can be considered a Jock, played football and hockey in my high-school days. I was a pervert as a teen-ager and now I am older, still athletic and still a perv.


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The poll of over 2,000 Brits found that while geeks are great in bed business owners and gym buffs make the worst lovers because they are too selfish.

82% of male IT workers polled said they considered their partner's sexual needs above their own, compared to just 41% of gym and fitness workers.

Office workers and the unemployed came next on the list of most considerate lovers.

The partners of the IT workers agreed they made good lovers claiming that it was not just at work where the know all the right buttons to press.
Tech workers were also found to take the love of gadgets into the bedroom with eight out of ten computer analysts and web designers claiming sex toys played an important part in their sexual relationships.



Although I wouldn't classify myself as a nerd, I've been called a geek once by a fave MPa in the heat of the moment. :geek:

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