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Joined Dec 6, 2009
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Despite my list of Can’t Go Wrong Girls, I have found myself dwelling upon (as of late) the beautiful Remy of Mirage. Call it an accordance of the stars, this beautiful young woman and I have great chemistry, and how can you fight that?? Each session, and they continue to increase in count, gets better than the previous. Last week, during my trip to Toronto, I found myself exchanging texts with Andy of Mirage and I thought . . . hey, if he can’t set me up, no-one can. A few texts later I had an early afternoon appointment with this lovely gem. I do love a little pussy in the afternoon.

The trip out of downtown and to Markham, while uneventful, was a bit inconvenient. I loved staying downtown for the ladies after all, but Remy was easily worth the trip . . . and was I going to wait for her to be downtown. “No we aren’t going to wait,” said the cannon in perfect Scottish.

The hotel was a nice one, and thanks to Taylor’s outstanding customer service, I made it up to the room without difficulty. Thanks hon!!

A soft tap on the door and I walked inside. Remy looked at me with delight. “It is so nice to see you!!” With that she gave me a delicious, long soft kiss. God her lips are soft!! I took a long look at her. She still had the “wow” factor.

Remy was wearing a lavender bra and panties that hugged her curves nicely. I think the bra accentuated her breasts even more than the last time I saw her.

We quickly jumped into an easy, spontaneous conversation that carried over into the bathroom as I showered. I must say, there is a lot to say for repeat sessions. I was feeling VERY comfortable and relaxed from the second I walked in the door. You know, it felt like I was seeing my secret girlfriend . . . and that was a great feeling.

Emerging from the shower, I was greeted by some fantastic deep French kissing. Her lips were soft and wet. This girl loves to kiss and it shows. We stood in front of the bed, while my hands explored her soft, athletic body and perfect skin. The intensity of her kissing increased as I played with her kitty, then she reached her hand down and started fondling the Cannon.

She smiled and pushed me down into a sitting position on the end of the bed, go down on her knees and gave me outstanding BBBJ. Her beautiful eyes intensely focused on mine, then on the Cannon, in an alternating pattern . . . very sexy.

It wasn’t but a few minutes before pressure warnings were being tripped. “Tank, I know you won’t believe it, but were going to have an . . . err . . . ‘problem’ if you don’t stop that wee lassie quick, fast, and in a hurry!” confided the Cannon, a bit bashfully.

With that, I guided her up to a standing position, then drew her in to sit on top of me. As I lifted her delightfully petit body into my arms, I discovered that the hotel bed was lacking a bit of support?? You know how metal bed frames don’t go all the way to the bottom of the mattress?? Compounding this, the Tank ain’t a ‘wee fella,’ and that bed up-ended like no one’s business, the pillow catapulting into my head.

My balls were screaming “Red alert, red alert” like that was any help, while I tried to save the situation. I have never appreciated my work-outs so much before. I lifted Remy into the air, while she was still wrapped around me, and as I stood the bed settled back into a more serene position.

In the end, I guess I looked like joe hero standing there with the hot girl in my arms, but I have to admit, that made my butt-hole pucker.

The Cannon was impressed. “Nicely done, Tank!” he shouted in perfect Scottish. He was so loud, I think Remy heard him.

At this moment I realized how comfortable we were with one another, because after a short smile and giggle, we didn’t skip a beat. I laid her down on her stomach on the bed, and explored her neck, back, and ass before turning her around to explore the front of her body with licks and kisses. After I showered her body with soft licks and kisses, she smiled and said in a demure voice “I want more!” With that she went in for more BBBJ. Again on this visit, I didn’t inquire about CIM, but I had to pull her off after a few minutes because she would have had me off yet again! Her technique was soft and wet and skilled. My balls approved, and suggested “Maybe we should just go with this, Tank??” I knew better however. There was far more fun to be had.

After more DFK, we moved into missionary. Her trimmed kitty was beautiful and pink. The sight of those slim, toned thighs around me was almost too much. I oscillated between firm pounding thrusts, which were greeted with moans of pleasure, and soft gentle thrusts, as I built-up the orgasm. Then Remy spread out her legs at 180 degrees as I thrust myself inside her. Again, an awesome sight! It was hard not to blow right there and then!

As I did during the previous sessions, I slowed down and put this young girl on top, and she happily straddled me in reverse cowgirl, which she knows I love. To be honest, I her reverse cowgirl was easily the best I have ever had!! While I watched her ass, this gorgeous young woman worked my knob to a frenzy. From here on, I can’t take any credit. I was a lazy fuck. I just star-fished in awe. Her accuracy was impressive, and the sight of her beautiful ass with her soft kitty wrapped around The Cannon was too much. She alternated between full deep thrusts, burying The Cannon deep in her pussy and working just the tip of my dick with quick shallow thrusts. For the next 30 minutes she built that orgasm, until I cried out in delight. Within moments, my balls were unleashing a torrent to goop, and I mean like gallons (OK, maybe that is an exaggeration, but that is what it felt like). As I called out, “I am cumming” this gorgeous young woman worked the tip of my dick vigorously and tightened her pussy around it. This was possibly the most intense and long-lasting orgasm of my life. It was one of those orgasms that left me shuddering for about a minute thereafter, convulsing on the bed. OMFG that was good.

After a quick clean-up, I returned to the bed, to see her laying on her stomach naked, her perfectly shaped ass in view. I spooned her from behind, and we caressed each other like lovers with our bodies entwined. The after-sex conversation was easy and fun, and she just seemed so unrushed and at ease. I ran way over on the session, and I was sorry to have to leave.

What can I say? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I have to see this girl again.

Body: 8 (All natural, slim and athletic build with some of the best natural c-cups I have seen)

Face: 8 (Beautiful face. I was wowed when I saw her.)

Service: 8 (GFE. Excellent DFK. Excellent BBBJ (No CIM, but I didn’t ask). No attitude girl with good energy and strong technique, although she didn’t take the lead in the session and I bet she would be too passive with some guys.

Attitude: 10 (More than accommodating to requests)

Regret: None (I am glad I booked her for a third time, and I will see her again.)

Repeat: Yes (This was #3 and I have to see her again)



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Joined Jan 28, 2010
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Those breasts make me drool, you are a funny dude tank good time had reading your review.


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Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Nice coverage of Remy Big T. So let me get this straight. You Like this Girl?:lol:


Joined Dec 6, 2009
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Beenthere123 said:
Called LUST big time, awesome review again Tank.

I don't know if I would call it LUST. It is a cross between remy and Lust. I call it RUST!

No, wait, that doesn't seem to work.

Yeh, I really like this girl :mrgreen:


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Dude, Remy wasnt on the TDL until your review. I see she has "couples" on her menu. Cant wait to book her. Excellent review!
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