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J Strummer

Joined Jul 9, 2013
Messages 890
Does she allow CIM?
Would you say her ink is mild or moderate? You can reply by PM if necessary.

I cannot tell about CIM since I didn't do it.

I would not label her body ink as mild/moderate. She's not covered in tattoos but they are a little bit in size. Which doesn't really bother me; on the contrary.

Strumm you da man! Love the rack and curves! OH, not you Strumm I mean the young lady!

Raiden, I'm very happy to see that you were talking about HER curves! lol

I can see this girl wearing a Hooters uniform. That would be hot. I love her stats line 5'2", 120lbs, Brunette, 34DDs. Plus DFK and BBBJ? She sounds like the Jackpot.

I think that she would actually bring the good rep back to Hooters again Swede. I haven't been to that place in ages... since the girls there really didn't make up for the rep, imho. But maybe we should do some sort of scouting trip. Worst case scenario, we get a Hooters T-Shirt... and I give it to Remi when I see her again. :biggrin2: lol


Senior Member
Joined Jan 31, 2018
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Does anyone know if Remi is still in the business? Ive had her before and would love another go
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