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Question Recomendation - Muse Mixer vs Duo

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Joined Mar 24, 2016
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Hello Hobbyists,

I'm unable to decide between the Muse mixer and a Duo. Any advice from some one who tried them both would be much appreciated?

In a mixer, does each MPA provide a finish?

Will there be any brief time during the mixer session when 2 MPA are with me together?
Joined Jul 7, 2012
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If money is not an issue.

Duo with SP, at least you know your boy will have a better happy ending.


Joined Nov 9, 2009
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You can finish as many times as you want. And yes, during the switch you get about 5mins of duo-time. :)


Joined Jan 21, 2016
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With a duo you risk sitting in the corner with your dick in your hand, while the girls are going at it with each other.
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