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Lou Siffer

Well-known member
Joined May 31, 2010
Messages 248
Rebeka is not my usual type but I read a good review a while back (Rayden maybe?) and I noticed she was in the airport area. I also checked her menu and saw that facials were offered and I have this thing about facials...

Booking with Gspot was easy. This is only the second time I've used them but I haven't had any problems booking. Their rates seem quite reasonable and they often have an airport location so I might start using them more often, along with DM and the indys in the area. I'm a bit of a slut.

As stated in another review, Rebeka's pics are accurate. She's a thick-ish ebony girl, not really chubby, just solidly built.

The session started a little slow, with her content to just chat for a bit but it warmed up fairly quickly.

A little kissing and I moved to DATY. For those interested, Rebeka has a very meaty pussy with large labia. She is very responsive to DATY and even though I only had half an hour, I stayed at it for quite a while because I like to see the ladies enjoying themselves.

After DATY, Rebeka started with BBBJ and it was good. While she can't really DT, she does vary pressure and technique and makes sure you're enjoying it.

Part way through the BJ I told her I had come for the facial on the menu. She was quite disappointed and explained that she doesn't like to do that. She was friendly about it but said that it shouldn't be on her menu as she preffered CIM. I would have been fine with COB but Rebeka wanted CIM, SO CIM it was.

It was a rushed appointment on my part, so we didn't have time for FS.

I don't like to do the numbers because its too subjective. Facially, she's pretty average, again that's subjective.

If you like thick ebony girls and you like the menu without the facial, Rebeka should fit the bill.

Note: This is the second Gspot girl I've seen with facial on the menu that really didn't want it to be there. Layla @ Gspot did say that she would be happy to provide it near the end of her shift and I understand the whole makeup thing, but if it's only offerred to the last appointment of the day, maybe it shouldn't be on the menu.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 431
Thanks for the info Lou, why do you prefer COF compared to CIM. Just curious as I prefer CIM.


Well-known member
Joined Jun 6, 2010
Messages 113
That sucks, you expect facials as advertised but get a no no in return. Did you call the owner?.


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Joined Mar 23, 2010
Messages 48
She enjoys listening to music, reading, movies & sports! :neutral:. Wonder why they bother posting it on their site. LOL

Feel for you bro, but CIM a good second choice. Don't you think?.


Damn Lou I didn't know you hobby that much :shock:. Next time ask for COH (Hair), no make up there LOL

Lou Siffer

Well-known member
Joined May 31, 2010
Messages 248
Without quoting all of the responses and questions above:

I don't know why I prefer COF instead of CIM. A shrink might say I like degrading women or that it represents marking my territory or something else. I think I just enjoy making a mess. Sometimes I do COB and spend a few minutes rubbing it all over the place. Kinda like making mud pies when you were a kid. Is this too much information?

I didn't call the owner. I respect the YMMV aspect of the hobby and this wasn't such a big deal that I thought any retribution was in order. As someone suggested, CIM was a pretty good substitute. If they're good at their business, they read the reviews and will adjust their website accordingly.

Yes, it was a half hour session. I actually ended up staying a little longer than the half but was really pushing my time limit.

BT, I hobby a lot more than people realize, maybe an average of once a week. I just cut back on my reviews so that I don't look like such a slut. But I guess that ship has sailed.


Joined Nov 6, 2009
Messages 6,565
Good review Lou. I almost booked her for my first repeat the other day but then found Summer. Rebeka has the body type I like and for me the CIM is my favorite finish, but now you have me thinking drawing little pictures after the COB might be a fun thing to do. :he:


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 238
Lou Siffer said:
BT, I hobby a lot more than people realize, maybe an average of once a week. I just cut back on my reviews so that I don't look like such a slut. But I guess that ship has sailed.

:lol: All sp aboard the ship before it sails.

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