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OK boys, come clean, admit it, which ones do you watch? I enjoy Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice. Although when out drinking with the boys, I am strictly a sportsaholic, I'd be laughed out of the bar if they knew the truth. Ladies can join in on this one too. What do you watch when in the room in between clients?


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I live for the sports channels skip reality tv shows find it to real :razz:


Damn I don't watch TV period its either Caerf or TV, tough choice to make. :cool:


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I'm man enough to admit I enjoy watching Survivor. That Russel character is amazing. Looks like a little troll but is one conniving little guy.

BS Detector

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Bless me father for I have sinned :twisted:

I've been watching the Real World since it began (the original reality show)


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I don't watch much TV but I do enjoy Survivor. I think Rob is going to take out Russel and Pavarti would make one hell of an SP!


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Dapperdon said:
I watch survivor and will also admit to watching american idol and so you think you can dance ...I like talented people

All of the above.

Hal 2000

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BS Detector said:
Bless me father for I have sinned :twisted:

I've been watching the Real World since it began (the original reality show)

The one where the police search for stolen cars is good. Forgot the name of it but I beleive it was on A&E where they would drive around and scan random plates as they drive around.


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I'll be watching Celebrity Apprentice tonight. My SO loves it and being Easter I have to stick around.



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The Ultimate Fighter (sometimes I just fast forward to the fight at the end) and So You Think You Can Dance are my two guilty pleasures.
I'll watch the occasional home or cooking show as well depending on what is on the news that day; often I just leave it running in the background while I am on the computer and CNN and the BBC can be really annoying so Sell This House or Throwdown with Bobby Flay is better than hearing them go on and on about the latest celebrity gossip.


Reality TV bores me. I'd rather be poonin' or watchin' 2 1/2 men! and How I met your mother.


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UFC, Survivor, and Amazing race, thanks to the websites that make TVshows available after the fact.

I'd love the see an SP- client reality show, how about following HOF, 4X, king21 and all the others..too many to mention around...and alternately following our favorite SPs. that is good television.
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