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IN-Call Raquele @ Mirage - WOW!!!

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Knight Rider

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After reading king21's review, I decided that I had to see Raquele for myself. I had a day off from work and saw that Raquele was on today's schedule so I decided to give Mirage a call and Ravi was helpful as always. Booking was a breeze.

At the scheduled time, I arrived at an upscale hotel near the airport. After receiving the necessary confirmation, I hopped on the elevator and went up to her floor and knocked on her door. Raquele opens it and she looked really sexy in her lingerie. She is not a spinner, but curvy with awesome boobs and a great bum. She greets me with a big hug and a kiss. I take care of business and hop in the shower.

When I got out, she was waiting on the bed for me. We chat for a bit and she has a very bubbly personality, then she introduces me to her body. She has names for all of her body parts, which I thought was hilarious. She introduced me to "tit" and "tease" as she pushes my head between her boobs and invited to suck on them, which I did with great pleasure. She then turns around and introduces me to her bum cheeks "fuck" and "me", and then tells me, "I've been a very bad girl, a naughty girl and I want you to spank me," which I did. Then I was introduced to "cookie" her pussy and she asked me, "What does the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street eat?", to which I replied, cookies. Then she said "I want you to eat my cookie right now!", which I did and it was so sweet. We then did the 69 right there and she gave we a wicked BBBJ while giving me some dirty talk. She had such great technique, DT with some BLS and some finger action. After a while, it was just too much to handle. I was seeing stars and babbling incoherently and had a massive SOG that completely covered Raquele's face. She smiled at me licked it off her fingers and said "Mmmmm, I love your cum" At that point we took a break while Raquele got cleaned up.

We then go for round 2 and it was really very physical, high energy, action and there was a huge mirror in the room where we could watch ourselves perform. I felt like I was in a porn movie. She rode me hard in CG, then we did doggie and she was very vocal, saying "I am your bitch" and "Fuck me harder" and I obliged, pounding her as hard as I could, while fingering her at the same time and she had a massive OG. I was soaked and so were the sheets. We take a break, Raquele wakes up Junior from the dead with another BBBJ and then we go for round 3 with some more action, mish with some DFK, CG, RCG, while she vocally expresses her pleasure and then she gave me another of her signature BBBJ and told me "I love to suck your cock!" I was in heaven once more, but I was physically spent, so I was not able to get off another SOG.

We chit chat for a bit about our experiences and other stuff. We DFK for several minutes and then I jumped in the shower once more to get cleaned up. I realize that I am completely sweating from all of that action. I get dressed and Raquele gives me another DFK as I leave. When I walked out of that hotel room, life was just a big blur. I walked right by my car in the parking lot and the drive home was also a blur. Once I got home I immediately fell asleep for a couple of hours to recover from that experience. All I can say is wow, it was a pretty wild afternoon for me :)

Raquele thanks for making it a memorable event.

Face: 8/10 - nice face, a very cute smile, blonde hair to the shoulders
Body: 8/10 - Curvy GND type, not a spinner, but perfect for me. Nice boobs, my guess a D cup - great to bury your face in - Soft and flawless skin tone. Nice bum
Service: 10/10 - PSE menu. If you are looking for a wild experience, she is a must see! Definitely not for the faint hearted!
Personality: 9/10 - Cute, sexy, fun-loving, great sense of humour.
Would I repeat: Yes - Once I recover :)

Service - Excellent. Ravi was very helpful on the phone and made sure everything went smoothly.
Location: Very clean, big mirror, lots of towels
Damage: $250 (1hr appointment)


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Re: Raquele @ Mirage - WOW!!!

Wow! Great review KR, thanks for sharing. ;)


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Re: Raquele @ Mirage - WOW!!!


You think you are fucking her but in reality she is fucking you . One memorable moment with
Raquele is during pillow talk she states " I don't get why some guys like skinny , some like heavy ,
some like short some like tall . If I was a guy I would fuck them all ". Givers you some insight
into where this fuck machine's head is at (LOL) .


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Re: Raquele @ Mirage - WOW!!!

Dude awesome review, you had me in the floor with your humor :D


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Re: Raquele @ Mirage - WOW!!!

smylee52 said:

If I was a guy I would fuck them all ". (LOL) .

Thanks for added information Smylee. KR your review Rocked, thanks.


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Re: Raquele @ Mirage - WOW!!!

KR your review mirrors mine except for the boxing rounds ;) , nice job. Review coming soon.


Re: Raquele @ Mirage - WOW!!!

Knight Rider said:
[quote="Knight Rider":10pvlt7p] When I walked out of that hotel room, life was just a big blur. I walked right by my car in the parking lot and the drive home was also a blur. Once I got home I immediately fell asleep for a couple of hours to recover from that experience.

Ha ha ha, been in your situation a few times as well bud. :lol: Great review KR ;)


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I had a sweat after your review KR, hope you drovr very slow going home.

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