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IN-Call Quick review of Kristen @ RM

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Well-known member
Joined Feb 13, 2010
Messages 660
Following Mother's day brunch was hungry for some dessert, in the RM territory logged in from my Iphone got their number and Kristen to be had in 10 minutes for a quick HH in the sack. Did not book the hour knowing no dfk allowed.

Could not believe my eyes Kristen is a beauty, perfect facial features. Reminds me of Jenna Jameson but with finer face structures and thinner lips.

Well spoken, sophistication comes out from her pores. Walks with her head up, her pleasant smile showing her perfect white teeth glued to me me me. I untied her bra, man made flawlessly done and play with them while I insert one finger inside her. Exceptional BBBJ, daty with digits a delight, she gets into and wet in minutes. Asked her to be on top as wanted to plant my hands on her breasts while she rode me. Kristen is a pleasure to be with the only downer is should have booked the hour.


Well-known member
Joined Nov 10, 2009
Messages 595
You know Madmax, I have resisted putting her on my TDL for almost 4 years due to the No DFK rule, but after your review she is now on the TDL. Awesome review :)


Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 298
king21 said:
Outstanding short review!

Kristen is definitely a unique looking beauty. IMO she doesn't resemble any celebrity, no one looks like her.

She is that special King?, does she look like Jenna a bit?

Thanks for the quick one madmax.


Well-known member
Joined Apr 30, 2010
Messages 725
I saw Kristen a couple of years ago before her boob job. Back then digits was not in her menu, guess time changes the ladies.

BTW, she's been 26 for a few years now. :)


Well-known member
Joined Dec 2, 2009
Messages 201
thanks for the review .
im not a big fan of the kristen experience, but had a helluva face sitting session with her once.


Well-known member
Joined Dec 28, 2009
Messages 68
Only seen Kristen once. Highlight was defintely her outstanding oral skills. Teary-eyed, gagging, stringy saliva, deep-throat blowjob second to none. Unfortunately, our schedules rarely mesh, unfortunately haven't been able to follow-up an encore session.

Huck Scarry

Well-known member
Joined Mar 24, 2010
Messages 198
I've seen Kristen a few times pre boob job. Found her physically quite a turn on but my tastes have moved more to the PSE end of the spectrum so haven't seen her in quite a while. Her new breast look incredible... keep thinking I might have to pay her a visit again some time soon.


king21 said:
Don't forget looks are subjective, I don't see any resemblance to Jenna.

I somehow do but Kristen is way more beautiful.


Well-known member
Joined Dec 28, 2009
Messages 85
I've seen Kristen a couple of times. She offers an interesting, yet somewhat contradicting gfe/pse combo. Passionate, aggresive full-service, but doesn't dfk. Wet, deep, sloppy bbbjtcim, but doesn't offer greek.


Well-known member
Joined Nov 12, 2009
Messages 2,650
forestgrumpy said:
Kristen's body pushes me to see her but the no DFK sets me back.

Same here buddy even though she already have been on the top of my TDL but no DFK pushed me back; btw nice review Madmax. Maybe a hh appt who knows :?:


Wilsonjso said:
Same here buddy even though she already have been on the top of my TDL but no DFK pushed me back; btw nice review Madmax. Maybe a hh appt who knows :?:

Recommend the HH big time Wilson, trust me she is worth it.

oyster shucker

Well-known member
Joined Dec 9, 2009
Messages 491
Kirk Lazarus said:
I've only seen her twice (pre-boob job), but would have seen her more if there was some dfk.

Any LFK at least? If so I'll add her to the TDL....Holy shit, seems like RM has filled my card for the next couple of months.

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