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Puddlegurl (Jesse) PSE extraordinaire

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Puddlegurl (Jesse) PSE extraordinaire

I have seen Jesse Puddlegurl a few times, but the recent visit was one of the most memorable so far. I had to share it

It all started with me noticing a CL ad that she had posted so I gave her a call. She was available and we arranged a time to meet at her in-call in about an hour.

Jesse met me in some very nice lingerie and a bra that accented her ample natural breasts. The bra had red and gold stripes and I immediately thought "Wonder Woman". Jesse is not a spinner and she is the first to point this out, but for a guy that rates attitude and service very high in the criteria in selecting what lady to visit, Jesse excels at both of these.

Jesse gave me a very (very) deep hello kiss that lasted for a couple of minutes. Her hand slid down and was massaging my member through my pants. She started to tug at my belt and in a few seconds my pants were around my ankles. Right there in the hallway, she dropped down and started deep throating me. I grabbed her head and started some thrusting action. She liked this and begged me to "fuck her face". Until now my experience with "face fucking" has been restricted to watching porno’s. I firmly held her head and started to thrust, slowly at first, but soon she was taking as hard and fast as I have seen in any porno. This put me at the brink and I had to pull her off me to keep from cumming.

I pulled her up from her knees and led her to the bathroom where we showered together.

We spent quite a bit of time exploring each other’s bodies while soaping up every spot imaginable. Before I knew it, she was back on her knees in the shower giving me some more special attention. After several minutes, I had to pull her up to me as I about to blow.

We dried off and made our way to the bedroom where she carried on focusing her attention on me.

Beyond her just saying it, she really does give every indication that she loves men’s bodies and is not shy about exploring all areas. If you are clean, there is no area where she (and her tongue) won't venture.

My attention turned to her and after spending some time giving her some intense toguge and manual stimulation she erupted like a fountain (there is a reason that she is called Puddlegurl). I didn't dtop there and continued until she erupted again (if you had wondered why she has a vinyl sheet on her bed under to top sheet, it all is made clear now).

We moved onto missionary and doggy. After some good hard action, she pulled out some lube, and lubed up her backside and gave me a devilish grin. I didn't have to ask, I just slowly slid in and enjoyed a fantastic voyage to the Mediterranean. After some intense thrusting, I was brought to a very intense finish.

We both collapsed completely drained (literally). I couldn't even speak for a couple of minutes except to say yes when she said "water?"

Afterwards, I spent some cuddling time relaxing and “coming down”. We chatted about a number of things and areas of common interest. I have found Jesse to be easy to talk to and comes across as a very honest and real person.

If you want some more insight to how naughty Jesse can be, check out her blog on her website at

Contact was made by phone at 250 661 0294. You can also contact her via her e-mail at [email protected]

Her rate is $180/hr

Look for her ads on CL by searching for Puddlegurl or Jesse

Here are a couple of pics from her Website:


Excellent review not2old. Tell these ladies to visit Ontario too :D


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Thank you sexy, and thank you for introducing me to this board.
As always it was my pleasure :razz:


Tiger Woods

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Face fuck for $180 :eek: The West sure has great deal. Thanks not2old for the fantastic review.
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