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Pirates Manager is a Mangina

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So, he is talking about women playing MLB with them men. Doesn't that sound so special.

Yes. If you are a Mangina, SIMP Bitch, then it does.

Exit Questions:

1. Even if 1 or 2 women make it, does that really signify that women are capable of playing with men on a professional sports level?

No. It doesn't. If I hit a basketball shot from centre court during a contest, does that mean I can challenge Curry night-in and night-out?

2. If a woman enters a MLB game, does anyone really think she was the next BEST option INSTEAD of the hundreds of men that are waiting for their shot to reach the majors.

Obviously odds are that the woman would be given a chance to play as a publicity stunt.

3. If women want access to men's professional sports leagues, does that mean that men can ask to play in women's professional sports leagues. If a woman gains entry into the NBA, for example, does that mean that the WNBA will allow men to compete for roster spots with women for WNBA teams?

See how that works. Women want to play in men's leagues. OK. So, then allow men to play in women's leagues. What will happen? There will be no women's leages and men will out compete them and push them out.

Women. No shame. No remorse. No consideration for anyone but themselves. A really special group of humans - that's for sure.
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Remember all the fuss about letting women reporters in the men's locker room after games? It was court-ordered that they be allowed "equal access". Yet how many men report from women's locker rooms? :sorry2:


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I don't see why women shouldn't be allowed to try out for men's sports long as men are allowed to try out for women's sports teams. Fair is fair, right? :biggrin2:
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