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Joined Jul 9, 2013
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Hey folks,

Hadn't seen this beautiful girl in quite some time and I finally, a couple of weeks back, I had the chance to make my availability match that of hers.

Called RM and booked some time with this beautiful redhead at a very nice condo in the north part of downtown.

She opened the door and greeted me warmly and in a very friendly way.

It was great to see her again and I felt good to see that she was happy to see me again. I remember she had a gorgeous body... but she's been working out and preparing for a run... and folks, let me tell you... all that exercise has paid out! She looked stunning.

Note (for those not into ink): she has one tattoo on her back... but believe me, I don't think you'll even gonna notice. :wink2:

After a bit of chit chat I excused myself to take a quick and refreshing shower. Met her afterwards in the bedroom. A bit of chit chat and then we found ourselves enjoying some good DFK. I laid her on her back, slowly while the DFK continued. Her hands reached underneath my towel. Her bra, miraculously (lol) came off... while her hands were exploring my body my hands and mouth started to explore those beautiful breasts of her. My towel came off... so did her panties. The kissing... the touching... and eventually we found ourselves in a mutually enjoyed DATY. After which, she took a minute to recover before patting the pillows indicating me to lay down.

More DFK while she positioned herself on top of me... kissing me slowly on her way down... until I found myself enjoying a great BBBJ. Her hands supported her mouth sporadically. We could have continued like this but I thought of enjoying that stunning body of hers a bit more. Before I finished asking how she'd like to do things... she was already positioned got get going on doggy. The mirror view, and the view of her derriere in front of me and the soft moans added up to the moment... a very nice, pleasurable moment. But all good and fun things must come to an end... an intense one in this case. Some lovely LFK during a relaxing time afterwards. Then I hit the shower, said my good-byes and left... a very happy man... but wondering: "Why the heck did I wait so long to see her again?!"... and thinking: "I gotta find the time to come and see her again... SOON!"


Joined Jul 17, 2014
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I was told she looks like an actress but cannot remember the name.

Does she?.


Joined Jan 21, 2016
Messages 248
Piper was my first agency provider. She was stunningly beautiful. I recall her greeting, it went something like this "nice to meet you, I have been doing my homework all morning, and was hoping for a break". Her books were all over the table in an adjacent room. What a great fantasy (she was probably 18 or 19).
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