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As I'm writing this, I notice shaman23 ( just posted a review of Peyton lol

I won a prize from Select at the CAERF Christmas Party and had been debating between Kiera and Peyton. The profile description of a former figure skater and school teacher won me over. Many thanks to Select for the generous prize and to CAERF for organizing the party.

The location was a downtown condo. Clean and close to the subway. She greeted me at the door just as her profile indicated, wearing her red heels, pencil skirt and jacket. Cute ensemble. She has a slim athletic spinner build. Not the super skinny spinner type, but slim with curves like the photos. Facially, I wouldn't say DDG but more GND cute. Don't remember any tattoos and didn't detect any cigarette smell. Pretty chatty, very friendly. Easy to chat with.

After showering we quickly got started. Peyton is a very good kisser. Lots of tongue play. DATY was well received, she was responsive and was getting wet. Her BBBJ was only average IMO, would prefer firmer and would like her to go a little deeper. The sex was definitely the highlight. Nice and tight down there. Profile said figure skater and it showed in how flexible her legs were. The sex was very energetic and vigorous. Ended up finishing over her breasts.

Overall, not sure I would repeat, still have my regulars, but would recommend if you like a GND spinner with an athletic build and very flexible legs.
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SandOnTheBreeze said:
The profile description of a former figure skater and school teacher won me over.

What lesson did she teach you? LOL

Thanks for the info Sands.


Thanks Sand. Good to see a Select review. I've lost track of those gals.
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Man i wish select had incalls!! Have my eye on several of the women. Nice review sand! Good to see you back.
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