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IN-Call Passion @ Indy review

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Joined Jan 28, 2010
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Sorry for taking so long for my first review been busy reading threads and jiving with jawbone but here is my first of numerous to come.

Cuban Passion is my type of woman those that like them slim she may not be for you. Booked her for the hour for $180 plus $50 for Greek in her North York location. Price is a steal for the service she provides in MNTHO. (My not to humble opinion). She is 5'4" 125-130 LB. 22-23 years of age, 36 C natural little on low soft ones with shaved and pierced pussy and noticeable tasteful tattoos. Nothing near BBW just curves in the right places and the ASS yes what an ASS, scrumptiously mouth watering delicious.

Her service will put to shame the skinny SP. I asked her in advance I wanted to see her play with her Toy and Greek to finish her replies to both was a most definitely. She is a fantastic young woman to be with caring, eager and passionate. DFK let to daty while she kept grabbing by cock entered digits within minutes she started to squirt. Tells me you know what to do with your thick fingers. Took her toy and what a sight to behold. BBBJ artist takes it all with ease, delicious 69 then moved to doggie and surprised on her flexibility. Greek Greek Greek I was crying for and she wanted it, entered her and I died.

Thank you Passion a repeat in the works soon.

Can someone please post her thread can't find it here.


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iceman_dci said:
Heres the link IAM.

Yeah, she's hot in a thick big booty way. I've PM'd her a while back and wanted the greek salad too but never got out to North York although her location is extremely convenient, I really don't have an excuse.

Your scenarion would be much like mine :) Good review Dude!

Thank you Iceman, Yes she prefers to book through PM or email then by phone on the day off. Your TDL must be large but see her soon you will have an experience you won't forget.


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Thanks iab but prefer the skinny ones, very impressed with her menu.


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Service before looks is my motto if given the chance I will see her with no hesitation. Thanks IAM for the good review of Passion.


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You are bad IAB I like that kind of body, thanks for bringing her to my attention.


Hey badguy you joining the club now?, good for you. Now I know you like them big as Rayden and FF, liked your review.


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Decent review, but my sympathies go to Passion. Poor girl had to put up with you for an hour.


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Thanks for the great review. I agree such a sweet women with an awesome body, she's a revisit for sure.


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OMG, sp with an incredible ass and loves greek. Can't wait to poke, opppps, I mean book her :)
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