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MIRAGE Paris - review

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Joined Dec 4, 2010
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Had to see her after seeing the pics and reviews.

Booking was easy - quality agency as we all know. Phone guy is cool and very easy to deal with.

Paris is a young lady who has a look of one the young ladies who frequent the entertainment district on weekends...nice slim legs, tight ass, looks great in a skirt etc. I'd say she looks around 22 but she revealed a mature side to her so she might be older like 25 but she looks around 22 IMO.

Paris is slimmer than the pics and I'd guess she is 5'6 and 110 lbs. Very nice slim body with smooth and tight skin. Overall I was very pleased with the body except I was looking forward to some small C cups but she has small B cups and definitely not a C cup or even a large B cup.

Service - not bad....BBBJ is tip only, MPOS etc.

Bit too business like for me but that could be because I am an ugly f*cker and I can't really blame her for not being over the moon at having to service me. For those looking for a hot blonde with a nice slim body and wanting a standard (not too much GFE) service, I do recommend.


Joined Nov 19, 2016
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I can love.



Joined Oct 8, 2011
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Nice review, yuppie. That's one hellava 12 inch sledgehammer! :)
No wonder Paris decided to take a rain cheque on the added 10". I should see her! My 2 inches are guaranteed to get full loving. :biggrin2:
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