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Well if all those handles are Ivana or a shill is quite disappointing. I can say from personal experience after seeing her many many times as I began my first inroads into this hobby.
Ivana does not need to shill or have anyone do it for her, she provides very top notch service at least when you first start to see her. The reason I stopped was two fold...
1) I became a little disappointed as she would leave the room frequently during the session and be gone for long stretches at a time ( however she would usually ensure you got most of your time even if she was late for her next client ) 2) I decided for the amount of money I could get more of what I wanted from an SP

Ivana was ( I am sure still ) beautiful, very friendly, down to earth, she paid attention to you as a client asking the things you like with regards to how she could dress and what she could do to make the session better for you which she would do for you the next time your saw her... I remember seeing her check the room before coming in then going to the back of the spa to change into another outfit that she knew I like...

Ivana doesn't need to shill or have anyone do that for her... If she has improved on her time in the room then at would be enough....

Rodi said:
For caerf members, meet 007beretta, aka Pistola, and many other handles, well known on the other board. An Ivana shill. Perhaps, Ivana herself. Sadly, Ivana is a terrific mpa, who doesn't need this negative attention whenever she changes spas.


Thank you pagemaster. That was the most real and most honest review I've read of Ivana, and it concurs with what other's have told me about her. Sadly, all the hype as well as her issues of leaving the room during the session are big deal breakers for me.

In fact, one of my regs at a AMP did this because the boss wanted her to meet a walk in client. It spoiled the mood and I've decided to never go back to that AMP. For me, when the attendants comes in the room, the session has started. My time is valuable and sometimes I squeeze sessions in between other things and cannot stay longer than the time I've alotted myself. When an attendant leaves the room for anything other than a personal emergency, it is rude and disrespectful to the client in the room. Hence, I will not go back to see my reg at that AMP.


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I REALLY didn't want to chime in.

As far as shilling etc, there is more to the story that is not really for the customer. That board is plagued with fake posting and fake people as well as the girls taking swipes at each other. I received maybe 20 pm's from different names which I figured out was from the same girl, all the same story... so and so is really a cool girl, I am in love with her.... Seriously rat/jerk is something a guy would say.

Made a booking to see Ivana when she was at obsession, I believe it was at 5:00 for a 7:00 appointment. I called back and the receptionist said call back in 10 minutes.... This continued and at one point the receptionist said Ivana wants to call me, is it ok to give her your number? .... Fast forward to 8:50, I call to confirm the 9:00, I am told "everything is good" I arrive at 9:00, no Ivana, now the owner comes out and starts showing me text messages and offers me free door, I decline, she then says she'll pay the whole shot, hard to say if this was good customer service or just bait and switch.

Vivid spa is a nice place and yet again 10 minutes before my appointment I am told all is good and when I arrive, she is not there.


Booked Ivana and had my session, we had a good convo. Not sure about her other clients, she wanted to go out with me, or at least go for coffee. I told her I have to pass.

Love to be able to give more details about the session, but if I can recall correctly, she had her clothes on the entire time.

She didn't leave and at the end of my allotted time, the phone rang in the room, I assume to tell her her next customer was waiting.


Joined Sep 4, 2015
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007beretta said:
The one spectacular picture on the first page says everything.

Ok, Let me put it this way.
When you have spent NON PAYING time with Miss Nude Canada, everyone else doesn't even come close. Not a slam to the lovely Ivana, to me it is tits and ass although I could spend hours chatting with her.
I fail to see the point of bumping the thread, she seems to be busy, so if she has 5 customers per shift and does 4 shifts per week, her minimum is $2000/week cash. It isn't yours or my business... just saying.


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All I can say I've been lucky seeing her twice this past April..40min and 60mins. I'm thinking of a 90minute session now. /-Thumbs-up::/
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