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Norwegian authorities have violated the human rights of mass killer Anders Behring Breivik

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A man who salutes to Hitler as this man is doing is no 'right-wing' extremist.

Hitler believed in centralized planning and socialsim, which has nothing to do with 'right-wing' politics.

Wish journalist and the general public would understand that hitler was a socialist in that he believed in the power of centralized planning within the framework of industrial output by the private sector.

Hitler's party was called: The National Socialist German Worker's Pary.

How is a National Socialist Worker's Party identified by today's journalists as being 'right-wing'?

Al Bumin

I give up, when can they send me to jail to get a better room?.


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It's the wussification of the human population. I remember a time when a guy like this would be thrown into a dark damp room and forgotten about until the bones were collected. (Okay, I wasn't really around during the middle ages)


Joined Jun 29, 2010
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And let's not forget who's fault this really is. Damned gun manufacturers....they're the real criminals! Right?


Prim0 said:
Damned gun manufacturers....they're the real criminals! Right?

Isn't the ones that buy it the real culprits?.

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