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I was in the Brampton area and have always heard good things about HFH. I had some time to kill and stopped by to see who was available. I was offered Nikki. I could see she had a spinners body, which I like, she was young with a decent face so I decided to jump right in.

I showered and awaited the arrival of the young lady. Once she walked in she started with a massage which was ok. I was correct about the body, tight, a few tats, and natural breasts. I asked her if I could massage her, which she gladly accepted. I enjoyed this, she was pretty good about what and how I massaged her *wink*, I am not a very good masseuse. At this point it was time for the main event, the BS. Nikki did this with some teasing and finished me off in nice and timely fashion.

As for the experience, well, I don't believe we had a good connection where I can say I have had great time. I will say it was an ok experience. As for the SPA, it is clean and well decorated.


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Thanks for your honest review but you did have a good time after all.

x t c

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Sounds like the session was a bit clunky. Thanks for the review bro.
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