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Joined Nov 25, 2009
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This girl has been on my radar for a while now thanks to some reviews I read and her pictures. She's gotten high marks on her service and body but not so much on her face, which I will get to later.

Anyways made the call to Ron at TGF and made the appointment, I think he used to work at DM. Ron was a total pro and made making the appointment smooth and easy, love when the phone people are easy to deal with.

Got to the airport location and found some FREE PARKING. Normally I'm discouraged about the parking situation near the airport but fortunately they picked a hotel where you can bypass paying by parking at nearby restaurants.

Ron gave me the go ahead and I went up, knocked on the door and was let in by Nikkei. Petite spinner type with lovely legs, nice firm breasts and a sweet ass, her pics are pretty accurate. Made our hellos and engaged in some DFK right away. Asked if I wanted a shower and I said yes. Took it, dried off and she was waiting for me wearing the white top and plaid skirt combo in her photos. Went right back to the DFK and she got undressed at the same time.

Hopped on the bed where she immediately homed in on Jr. "Oh you like sucking cock do you? "Yeah I love it :D " Engulfs my cock into her mouth and gives me a nice BBBJ. One thing I will say is that it did get a little toothy but if you mention it to her she'll correct that, otherwise it was everything I look for in a BJ, warm, moist and sloppy. At my request she spit on my cock and got it really nice. Turned her around and I assaulted her kitty with my tongue. She has a nice, bare pussy that tasted very nice. I then moved her back to just sucking me as I loved seeing it go in and out. "You like to watch huh?" Yeppers I sure do! I then proceeded to thrust my cock upwards into her willing mouth and she loved getting her face fucked.

She then mounted my face where I buried my tongue into her pussy and lavished my oral ministrations on her clit as well. She started giving me instructions which was hot. "Lick my clit, yeah just like that" "Suck on my clit, fuck yeah! Don't stop doing that" I flipped her onto her back and went back to DATY and proceeded to use some digits including some light anal digits YMMV. Crikey she was so freaking tight in both holes! After like 5 minutes of this she was ready to fuck, "I want your cock in my pussy, you want to fuck me now?"

So I stood up and she sucked my cock some more, put on the cover and laid down on the edge of the bed and I slid my cock into her sweet and slick pussy. I fucked her at varying speeds but she seemed to really like it when I pounded her really hard. Great vocals with moans and grunts and the occasional "FUCK ME HARDER!" I was actually worried someone might hear us in the halls or next door. Mixed some DFK while buried balls deep inside of her, she's an excellent kisser. Flipped her over for some standing doggie and that sweet ass just got sweeter as I watched Jr. do the disappearing act inside her sweet folds. And once again in between grunts she would say "FUCK ME! FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK ME HARDER!" This girl is brilliant. Then moved her onto the bed where she got on her hands and knees and I mounted her in full doggie. At this point I'm sweating quite a bit now and I'm fucking her at a pretty steady pace and then she just looks back at me with this look of lust on her face which nearly sent me over the edge.

Time was coming up and I was ready for my SOG. I then moved us to one of the chairs in the room and sat down and she mounted me in RCG and then after a couple of minutes of this I was ready to blow. Took the condom off and she took me back in her mouth where I unloaded in CIMWS. Now I have to say she's got the perfect technique for CIM in that she starts toning down the suction and pressure during my orgasm which was very nice.

Took another shower, chatted with her and did some DFK to say goodbye.

Now she's a very nice girl, easy to talk to, very nice body IMO and can suck and fuck with the best of them. However it has been said she's not the prettiest of girls facially and I'd have to add that no she isn't really that pretty by most men's standards but she's certainly not ugly either. But that didn't detract from me having a great time with her or kill my erection at any point. To be perfectly fair there were times I thought she looked hot in particular when she was lying down while I was fucking her and when she looked back at me in doggie.

If you're like me and value service over looks then she's definitley worth seeing and I would definitley repeat at some point as well.

pumping iron

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Great review MB. Especially enjoyed the hot details about the face-fucking and cimws, my kinda gal :). Gonna book her over the weekend. Thanks.


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Outstanding review MB got wood reading so much of the "FUCK ME! FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK ME HARDER!", nicely done.

Borey the Bald

Excellent review MB, service tops any time in my book.


Holy shit MB you are back with a vengeance, Excellent review once again.


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Joined Nov 25, 2009
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mynameismo said:
Great review MB, what part of Asia is she from?.

I think she's Chinese.

Iambad said:
How ugly is she Mb>, enjoyed your review BTW.

She's not ugly dude. Does she fit the standard criteria for beauty? No BUT she's not the Elephantman or anything. If anything I think she might be aware that she's got a lot of competition in her industry and has to give just a little bit more to get people to try her and repeat with her.

Would she gain my attention if I saw her walking down the street? No she wouldn't, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Would I pay to have sex with her again? Yes for sure because her service was that good. And in my review I mention there are times where she looks pretty hot while getting fucked by me (and she seems to genuinely love having sex).

I've had sex with super hot chicks with poor service and attitude and left me feeling like shit afterwards and for me I'd rather spend the hard-earned dollars on a girl who makes me believe she likes fucking me while blowing my mind with her mouth, hands and pussy even though she's not as attractive as the hot model types.

JDHomersimpson said:
nice review MB. Does she have an accent or is she fully fluent in Engilish?

She has an accent but speaks perfect English.


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Joined Jun 6, 2010
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MB a fantastic review dude must place her in my TDL, thanks.

Huck Scarry

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marvelboy said:
I've had sex with super hot chicks with poor service and attitude and left me feeling like shit afterwards and for me I'd rather spend the hard-earned dollars on a girl who makes me believe she likes fucking me while blowing my mind with her mouth, hands and pussy even though she's not as attractive as the hot model types.
Well said MB, well said. Nice review by the way.
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