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New site feedback

  • Welcome to the new CAERF.
    New management and more commited than ever! Have a look at some of the new features HERE.
    If you experience any issue please let us know in the proper forum.


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Joined Jul 14, 2020
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Love the new colours that are happening. The red is much better. The purple is a little deep but I love purple so I don’t care. LOL.

The colours for the other parts of the site, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto are good.

The only thing I see is the black is still to harsh and the buttons are still too red. The footer too. The footer should be the same colour as the Welcome to “the” new CAERF Banner announcement. Which you are missing the “the”

But other then that; things are looking good.
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Staff member
Joined Nov 17, 2020
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Hi Jenesis!
Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate our members' opinion because they're who make us grow as an Adult Community. I'll share your ideas with our graphic designer ASAP!
What do you think about the new categories? We want to be sure that everything's easy to understand. Do you think so?
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