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New Agency in Barrie

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I don't know if anyone has noticed but the new agency in Barrie Samamthasnaughty Delights on CL and Perfect Pleasures are run by the same person/ people. The adds / pictures for some of the girls are the same. They are bate and switch. I suggest you stay away and save your money.


Re: New Agency in Barrie

Thanks Gudnite, I travel through there at times. Good to know ;)


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Re: New Agency in Barrie

Tried out a couple of the young ones there. Total fake pics. Mileage extremely low. Neither girl was very pleasent either. I forget their names but I think they only had 2 young ones at the time I booked these auburn wastes of time.

Buyer beware.

And agencies - ALL of you, STOP USING FAKE PICS!


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Re: New Agency in Barrie

If I recall correctly, recently on CL the person in charge of Samanthas said that they run fake pictures on purpose for the 'safety' of their girls. What a load of crap. I understand that Barrie is a small city in many regards and being an SP and living here could cause the odd moment for concern. Myself I have crossed paths with four different SP's in public. Being a gentlman I did not make a show of things or invade their privacy. Just a descrete wink or smile and a nod to acknowledge that I saw them. B&S sucks, when will they learn?
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