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IN-Call Nellya at TP....boy can this girl bend

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Joined Nov 5, 2009
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Concluded my way-to-short visit to Toronto with a repeat visit with one my favorites, Nellya from TP (). When she saw me her face immediately lit up with that “glad to see you” look. She has almost a kareena-like ability to actually make you feel like her boyfriend, even going on and on about the presents I gave her to start the session (mental note: gifts are a keeper). Everything about her body was as I remembered, very firm (she is a dancer), nice flat tummy, firm large breasts, soft light skin, firm booty, etc. She dove after junior and started sloppy BBBJ with lots of eye contact. Watching her do her thing with those large breasts swinging back and forth is just amazing. All the standard positions were hit, doggie, mish, standing doggie in front of the mirror, etc. Concluded the session by having her do HJ while straddling my legs. There is just something about lying back and being pleasured while be able to watch her huge boobs, flat tummy, tone arms and naughty eyes. I shot my SOG all over that firm flat tummy.
Overall the session was great, and I WILL repeat (this time for 1.5 hours) as there I made a couple of major mistakes which I need to rectify with another visit. First (blatantly my fault), I did not spend near enough time on her awesome breasts, neither with my mouth nor in Russian. Second (and I blame her for this one), is not realizing, that as a dancer she is VERY limber. After the session (nice timing), she starts going through all these stretches and we even ran through how we could have sex in some of her contorted positions. I will not only watch all the Vanessa Lane porn I can get my meat-beaters on before the next appointment, I will have some of her material cued up on the DVD player to enact during the next session.


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Joined Nov 10, 2009
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Re: Nellya at TP....boy can this girl bend

Awesome Sentry! She sounds amazing and I do love those Russians!


Re: Nellya at TP....boy can this girl bend

wow! sounds like another gem in the game! Thanks for the review JYD


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Joined Nov 27, 2009
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Re: Nellya at TP....boy can this girl bend

Amazing review JYD you are such a cool dude. Like the way you write, good reading material


Re: Nellya at TP....boy can this girl bend

Fuck JYD I love Russians and you know that. I am seeing this babe for sure. Awesome review as well and thanks big time for introducing me this babe again.



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Joined Nov 10, 2009
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Re: Nellya at TP....boy can this girl bend

LOL I love your review JYD, good time reading it


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Joined Nov 8, 2009
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Re: Nellya at TP....boy can this girl bend

How was she facially. Can you rate or compare her to anyone else that I might've seen. Thanks.


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Joined Dec 19, 2009
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Re: Nellya at TP....boy can this girl bend

I love dancers bodies, this lady is now a must do for me. Thank you Sentry AKA JYD!

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