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IN-Call Mya of Gemini Ladies : Soon to be Superstar

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After reading Rayden's review and drooling over Mya's nice rocks! I called Gemini yesterday and booked Mya. Booking was as smooth as it can get. I even arrived a little early but I didn't have to wait until booking time :) Thanks Peter. I will be calling Gemini again for sure.

Mya is soon-be-superstar girl. Her tits are just unfuckingbelievable! Beautiful face, meaty lips ( Lips and other lips :D ), perfectly shaped ass. Mya is one hot looking girl, she wont disappoint you with her look. She is new to the industry a still little shy at the beginning, but don't get fooled with that. As soon as you start daty on her the little devil inside her comes out.

After the shower, we had few minutes chat, Mya is very sweet girl. Started with LFK but it turned into DFK quickly. Than time to taste her AMAZING! rocks! Those tits are just ammmmaaaazzzzziiiinnngg! Like i have said you can daty her all day long she wont say stop, she just loves it. After daty, she did a good BBBJ, not saying great but good. Then CG, watching those tits bouncing up and down! Best view ever. Moved to mish and then deep impact. After the first sog, we just laid down, hugged and had laughs, kisses and more laughs.

Second round started with BBBJ, this time BBBJ got a lot better, I think she needed sometime to warm up. She really did a great job on second BBBJ trip. Then we moved to 69. And then I asked her to move to the front of the mirror. Got her in doggy, let me tell you something banging her in doggy and watching her tits and beautiful face from mirror is just PRICELESS!! When you see her do this and you will understand. It was just an incredible view. I just didn't move from this position because there was no way I would get this view in any other position. Grabbing her perfectly shaped young girl's ass cheeks! and banged her as hard as i could. After the second SOG we had more sweet talk. And it was time to leave.

All I want to say about her, go see her while you can. She is soon to be star. But remember, She is 19 and new to industry. Be open with her, she will grand your wishes ;)

I will be seeing her very soon again for longer session for sure!


Excellent review buddy. Rayden was spot on again huh? Her breast look quite amazing...I think I need my turn now :p

Lone Wolf

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I'm putting her on my radar. She's not on my TDL just yet, but she's close. Thanks for the review.


Here we go Mya's breasts

Awesome review A41, you are on a roll as well. I am so jealous :oops:


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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Damn, A41, she let you touch her tits? SHE PROMISED me she wouldn't let any other man touch them.:evil: DAMN! ICE YOU STAY AWAY from those perfect lady lumps!!!

BTW excellent review as usual A41!


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Very nice review dude. Mya's got a rightous body. Kickin curves in all the right places. Will book an appointment soon!


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Great just great, all you perverts now want to touch my rocks!!:twisted: THANKS A41


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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jumpingjackflash said:
Come on dude, at your age, your rocks probably need a cup holder!:lol:

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE JJF, my balls hang perfectly like a pair of nice dimpled white golf balls! No sag, no hang buddy boy. I do not tolerate any negative comments about my hair, balls and little RAY GOT IT? I'm taking my keyboard and going home!!



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Great review A41; I'm glad that you had a great time with her, thanks for sharing it.
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