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Rayden said:
After seeing pics, BT's comments and then Iceman like a parrot in my ear, "dude, you going to try her, dude have you seen her yet, dude what you waiting for, those are the tits and ass you crave brother what you waiting for" FUCK OK ALREADY I GOING IN!!!!!!:lol:

Knock knock and hey no TAP TAP CLICK CLICK, but the door slowly opens and in I go. WOW, my gosh, this girl is PRETTY. WOW, I was in love with her face. Perfect lips, dark eyes, and OH MY GOD so damn innocent looking and pretty WOW. I am guessing around 19 years old. Did I mention how pretty this young lady is? I asked her if she really is a mix of E.I. and Egyptian and she confirmed as a yes. Either way I don't care because so far I loved what I was seeing. I was actually her 3rd. client ever which makes the session so much sweeter.

As for the body, I noticed her breasts just gushing to get out, and my boy was itching to get out too, so I excused myself and ran in for a shower. Once out I find her in a black bra and black panties set. Let me tell you her pics do not do this girl justice. The pic that best shows what her body is really like is the one I posted below. Mya's tits are perfection, OMG just perfect cantaloupes that can't help but be squeezed and licked.

As for service I enjoyed DFK, DATY (perfect thick lips down below too), Digits, Dato, BBBJ (awesome spit and DT), and my finish was something different. I enjoyed a prolonged session of Daty in every imaginable position known. She threw in a bit of dirty talk which was great. I decided to finish with MYA showing off her body spread eagle, me in with digits and watching her move and grind while she stroked me into submission. DAMN WHAT A LOVELY SIGHT! She pretty much let me control the session in anyway I wanted and whenever I would look at her I would see that smile that just lit up the room. AWESOME young lady!

Definitely a steal at 200 bills for the hour and in her own words she won't be doing this for long. If I was a repeat kind of guy I would not let this lady out of the bag for a month or so.

rayden...thanks for the great feedback..i see her rates as $200/ that the agency fee?? if yes, what's her rate for an hr of gfe?
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