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IN-Call My Sensual Selina Review

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The Dean

Re: My Sensual Selina Review

clintE said:
regularjoe said:
warren52 said:
If were getting rehashed reviews I hope the girl is at least still in the biz.Got any from 2005?Where is the cutoff point on old reviews.
At least the OP has been reviewing ladies, he's seen, have you done any reviews?, I havent seen any!

Good point Joe, I do not think BT123 gives a hoot about what Warren says. Will hate if this site to become like others, non reviewers bashing heavy reviewers. Why I am here, I am now hesitant to review here again.

You dont need to worry about that ClintE. We will NOT let bashing the reviewers without any proof of shilling.

I think i made this clear few posts back. Old reviews are okay to post as long as provider is still in business.


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Re: My Sensual Selina Review

Wow, King for some reason I thought you were a late 20's, maybe 30ish year old guy. Selina early 90's, you are a horny old bugger. :lol:

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