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My once in a life time experience Ms Rodriguez.

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Joined Oct 14, 2015
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Most of the people that know me, know my fondness for Latinas, specially if they are petite with long jet black hair.

Once in a life time an opportunity knocks in a man's life to fulfill one of his dreams. Mine just happened recently. I always wanted to meet Ms Veronica Rodriguez. For me, meeting her would have been a dream come true, I just didn't expect that the meeting would have been upgraded to a full evenight of passionate fun.

A Venezuelan customer of mine invited me to a last minute unplanned trip to the Ultra festival in Miami. Who was I to say no. First time in my life to being flown in a private jet and to stay for a private in one of those 30,000 sq ft homes that you can only see in the movies.

The he festival was nothing to write home about. Just another festival. I've been to many of them. But the VIP section that we where sitting in, now that was something different.

Jorge and I know each other for over 25 yrs. we talk about this hobby quite a lot. So he knew about by Latinas fetish and my dream to meet Veronica.

i just didn't expect her being waiting for us with 7 or 8 other friends from the business. When I saw her my jaw just dropped to the ground so hard that it hurt. Instant drool, I was speechless. Jorge had to actually tap me hard on the shoulder for me to come to reality. I can tell you that we didn't stay long at the festival, an hour or two.

Back to the mansion, I've seen Jorge and the others disappeared with most of the ladies. It was only Ms. Rodriguez and me left by the pool. We didnt spent too much time talking.

She she grabs me by the hand and takes me to the private section by the jacuzzi. Pushes me down on the couch and starts one of the most amazing streap tease I've ever had. Damn, it took her like 10 minutes to take all off her clothes. She made me suffer and I enjoyed every second of it until only the heels stayed on. What a body she has.

what followed was one of the most intense and wonderful sessions I ever had in my life. What you see in her movies is nothing in comparison. Man, does this woman know how to move. Incredible Dfk, the best bbbj you can imagine. At one point she pused me down on my back and started riding my face like there was no tomorrow untill she squirted all over me.

it was a fuck feast, I lost count after the fourth time, this lady wasn't taking no for an answer. She must be a witch or something. There is no other way to explain her powers to make junior rise so many times in one night.

Damn, life is great. It pays to work for good customers :)


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Damn , i want a sugar daddy like Jorge too. I think this may have elevated you from #caramelboy to #caramelman!
Joined Oct 14, 2015
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Borey The Bald II said:
Can she deepthoat?.

Yes she can, however I haven't found a lady yet that can not deep throat me. That should tell you something about me :Crying2:
Joined Oct 14, 2015
Messages 767 said:
Dude was this a dream or reality? Sounds amazing! Who were the other pornstars?

I had had to pinch myself a couple of times just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I'm not good at remembering names, one was Jules Ventura, two sisters that looked like twins their last name was Rodriguez too, jinx Maze. The rest I can't remember.

I just know that he brought Ms Rodriguez just for me and the others guys were aware of it as nobody tried to approach her while I was there.

I was a lucky guy :biggrin2:
Joined Oct 14, 2015
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ToyMaker said:
Then you woke up :biggrin2:

But I woke up and she was beside me. Too bad we had to come back the following day. One of the best asses I've ever seen.
i have a great advantage when I'm with Latin women. They treat me as a gringo until I open mouth. I am fluent in Spanish with an Argentinian accent which I find that many Colombian, Venezuelan, and Mexican like. Don't ask me why.


Wow, what a trip,, what a girl, what an amazing experience!Praise-Bowing
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