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My name is Lola ~! (Arabella's)

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Joined Feb 18, 2016
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Hello hello!

My name is Lola (and I should definitely put yellow feathers in my hair sometime!). I'm the newest girl for Arabella's Toronto and I figured that I should drop a line and get more involved in this fun online world of forums.

I'm not quite sure how to do a proper CAERF introduction so.. Here we go!

Because this thread is private I guess it's safe to assume that only the Admin(s) have access to it so... Hello moderator(s)! :biggrin2:

I'm 21 with a smile that makes dentists blush and nipples that put bottles to shame. Haha! I like long walks to the fridge, to my Playstation 4, and to my bed; all within a couple of minutes of each other, of course :) I'm a mulatto student that's casually finishing college and living a fun life as an escort in the process. If you message the official Arabella's account, they'll definitely verify me and if I need to throw in a picture of my boobs.. well, I'm sure you can find a few on Twitter :-Cool/". If you're curious as to why I decided to make an account, the answer is simple: I would like to use CAERF as a medium to reach out to potential clients and to properly thank them whenever they happen to pop up and say kind words about me.

Anything else you would like to know, please don't hesitate to ask.


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