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IN-Call My Kareena Experience (now with Dream-makers)

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I saw Kareena also in late Sept, here is my review:

Well Have had a hard time lately meeting up with some of the girls i have on my TDL. Today, however, I walked into a North York hotel and met up for a great hour with the legendary Executive Director of The Office. After all the reviews I must say my expectations were quite inflated, but I can see why so many love spending time with this down to earth cutie. She really does make you feel like your the sexyiest guy out there, though I will say I think me and her shared some genuine chemistry there. Kareena's got a really cute adorable face with big brown eyes, a curvy petite frame with glorious naturals that most girls would die for. We showered together but couldn't stop with the DFK and got the hell out of there. She gave me a great BBBJ with losts of saliva and eye contact, the we switched to some 69 and the DATY was great, she is clean and bald and I loved sucking one her beautiful labia. By this time I was close to losing it so we did Mish wich felt great and rode that position as long as I could before SOG 1 was fired. She's a very personable and grounded girl and is opne to revealing some of her vulnerablities which was refreshing. She's happy to be running her own agency now but admits it was too tempting to come back and do some SP'ing herself. After talking with her it is clear that she is one of the few SPs out there who whole heartedly enjoys what she is doing and is not motivated only by the money. Round 2 got started with another great BBBJ and we then did CG where we took turns taking charge. The we went to doggie and the view of junior going in and out of her gorgeous kitty was awesome. I couldnt take it any more - blast off #2.

All in all it was a great experience and I am glad I got to meet up with this sweetheart.


Re: My Kareena Experience (now with Dream-makers)

Had me smiling at this review, well done you are a good writer and reviewer. Sleeping with 4X's GF hey? :D



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Re: My Kareena Experience (now with Dream-makers)

4Times said:
Thanks Heatwave. Kareena is a great girl.One of my ATF's for sure. Hope to see her again real soon. 4X

4times, I think Kareena is on everyones ATF list. That girl definitely knows how to please.


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Re: My Kareena Experience (now with Dream-makers)

REVIEW:8.5 good one

Body of SP: N/A no picture posted


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Re: My Kareena Experience (now with Dream-makers)

Excellent review Heatways you were with The legend :!:


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Re: My Kareena Experience (now with Dream-makers)

Awesome review dude is she not the most reviewed sp of 2009?


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Re: My Kareena Experience (now with Dream-makers)

Nice review HW. I hope to meet her soon, thanks for sharing your experience with her Heatwaves. ;)
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