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Niagara Falls My evening with Bobbi....part 1

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So I read the reviews (great one HOF!!) and checked out the website and knew I had to meet the one and only Bobbi. So I sent an e-mail and we picked a date, time and place for our rendezvous. Alas it wasn’t to be. Something came up in her personal life and we had to cancel. No problem, these things happen….I figure we’ll just reschedule. Well things got in the way and we weren’t able to hook up for two weeks but better late than never I guess.

All I can say is the wait was definitely worth it. In my opinion this girl is the complete package. She’s got the looks, the personality and the skills that comprise the ultimate GFE. For me it’s much more than terrific sexual ability. A GFE has to connect with me on a very personal level and this can only be done through stimulating conversation on a variety of topics that are important to both parties. This girl is much more than just a pretty face. I’m very pleased to say that Bobbi has all these qualities and then some.

We had a couple of drinks, and talked and talked before finally heading to the boudoir. By that time we were so comfortable with each other that we seemed like old friends. Her pics on the website are very accurate and if anything she is even more beautiful in person. The menu is what one would expect for a GFE and I won’t go into details here. All I can say is that I wasn’t disappointed in any way and I’m already planning for our next encounter when I hope we will pick up where we left off. Watch for part 2 coming soon.


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Nice review matrix you and Hof have a thing for her, she sounds fabulous.:cool:


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Glad the chemistry was there for you and this hottie, appreciate time taken to write your review Matrix.


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Bobbi looks good and priced well. I'll pay her a visit next time I'm in her neighbourhood.


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Nice review dude. Bobbi's now on my TDL. When I head over to niagra this summer, will defintely pay her a visit.
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