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My 1st Review! Alice Wonders Fetish Fantasy Studios

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Got a thing for women of Spanish origin (Really Love Latinas) and seen that FFS had this half Scottish half Spanish girl by the name of Alice Wonders! Guessing she was Spain Spanish, but could be wrong. She looked pure caucasian, I thought she was Greek or Italian!

Booked an appointment, they kept me waiting a good 45min-hr outside a discrete location in the Thornhill area right off Bathurst but didn't mind too much cause I was really in the mood for some Spanish flavour. So smoked a few good old British Branded tobacco sticks and got the call that she was finally ready.

Got upstairs, the girl is quite tall bout 5'9 as the ad said but could appear to be almost 6 feet. She looked european, I am not good with distinguishing unless I hear them speak. She said she's Scottish and Spanish. anywho we had a shower for two which always gets me very bonerish. She has 0 tits but a nice big juicy ass which I was rubbing my hardon all over. We finished the shower and got down to business. This girl is Amazon style if you know what that means. She's tall, Fit and has a big ass and some thick legs on her. She liked getting in close while she was on top teasing me. Gave me some nice bbbj, but this happened twice. She DID NOT know how to put the condom on, and as we were fucking realised it came off somewhere in between! -/It wasn't me:-/:shocking:

This came across as alarming cause that's a bit FREAKY. Anyways, the session consisted of cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, she kept creeping in for some kisses so I gave her some. Her bbbj is good, I had her lay down in a few positions so I could feed it to her. Fucked it in Doggy and OH BOY it was like climbing a fucking mountain because this girl has long legs. but her rump and cameltoe was very nice looking from the back bent over. It was a nice looking round porcelain white ass which I spanked and squeezed while giving it to her from behind. Wanted anal but she refused, so Ended up just fucking in those few positions finished with bbbj, pulled out of her mouth had her bend over one more time and dropped a huge load on her big ass with her cheeks spread apart.

Odd thing is she was only there for that one day, but thought I'd review her anyways. Service was decent, she seemed a little disoriented but extremely horny and obviously loves to fuck. Only thing that wasn't appreciated was the condom mishap. Kept asking if she was clean and whatnot because wasn't sure if I was in her all the way without the shield, she said yeah so I let bygones be bygones called it a day and left. FFS said their girls are tested regularly and are confirmed to be clean. All one can do is take their word for it!


Face: 6/10

Body 6.5/10 - Nice Big Round ass but no tits (works for you if you're an assman, I'm both a tits and ass man so it was okay) Would've gave a seven but wasn't allowed to do the anal which was promised

Service 5/10 - would've been nice if she knew what she was doing with the condom or in her senses to do so, gives a decent bbbj and seems to be okay with extras but ymmv

Overall it was a decent 45min experience. Nothing too memorable, nothing too bad. If you're an ass man who's looking for a reasonable priced quicky and likes to smash it from behind she's good for that.

I'm more about 5 Star Services, but sometimes the quick flings are necessary when your partner or main choice is not around! Hope you guys liked my first review!
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That's damn good first review! Welcome and thanks for sharing. Hope to read more reviews from you because it sounds like you know how to hobby Praise-Bowing
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