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~*~ MUSE's 1 Year Anniversary Celebration - WE WANT TO INVITE YOU! ~*~

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June 3rd is
and we are so happy to invite you to come celebrate with us! ALL DAY LONG we will have all our ladies on staff! ALL DAY LONG we are offering FREE 1/2 Hr Doorfees!! Refreshments, hot girls, sexy sessions....You don't wanna miss this! Its because of all our amazing staff and clientelle that MUSE, Riley and myself (Emily) have had such a glorious year. We are so grateful and happy to extend this celebration invite to you. See you there!!

*** MUSE's 1 Year Anniversary Celebration: for details!! ***

FREE DOOR FEES ALL DAY LONG! Most of our ladies on shift! Riley and myself and our reception staff too! See you Thursday!! :)


Riley & Emily


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Congrats on your first year Muse, how has business been with recession and all?.


Congratulations to Emily and Riley.

After a lot of sacrifice and sweat equity (but not without your smarts too), you've survived your 1st year in the business.

Now set your sails to even more success.


Emily and Riley are both pros with amazing entrepreneur skills they will always succeed, good luck and HB


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Congratulations MUSE. I wish you many, many more anniversaries.
Thanks for the offer.
It is very tempting.
I hope the stars align so that I can fine time to make it down.

I wish you the best.


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rodman11 said:
You mean hour sessions is half price?.

Nope, all day long, half hr sessions, FREE doorfee. Most of the chicks will be on staff. !!

Lexusdriver said:
Congrats on your first year Muse, how has business been with recession and all?.

Business has been great! Better than expected. Its been a wonderful 1st yr!!

BEER said:
Britney going to be there?

Yes 9am-4pm

billdong said:
How about Brooklyn?

Also 9am-4pm

Thanks for the kind words guys! Cant wait to see u Thursday :)

New Wave

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Congratulations on first year success Muse, btw Jessica looks so yummy :razz:


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You were offering refreshments, thought the girls were the refreshments :geek:.

How did it go Emily?.


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Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

Took some big cajones to launch a new biz when they did, especially in such a competitive industry.

Congrats on your hard earned success.



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Hey guys!!

Yesterday was a huge success!! I hope some of you made it out to meet all our chicks and enjoy a session (or 2) ;)

Thanks for all the support! We can't wait for this year to be even better!!


Riley & Emily
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