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Question Montreal Agency Recommendations?

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Joined Sep 17, 2013
Messages 63
Planning a trip to Montreal in a few months. I know there are a ton of sp's there. But I want to know what are the best agencies there? Preferably ones that take credit cards?
Joined Dec 31, 2013
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Euphoria is one of the top Montreal agencies with great looking ladies. I've also had great times with Vogue and MontrealGFE.

Rates and quality is amazing when it comes to agencies, even better than Toronto.
Joined Sep 17, 2013
Messages 63
DillanWolfe said:
You are far more likely to find Indy's who accept credit cards

No way! I don't know any indy's in Canada that take credit cards. They work for themselves so most of em just do cash. Agencies are more likely to take them because they're a business that's supposed to be reputable. I know some of the good agencies in Toronto take them, I just don't know any in Montreal.
Joined Sep 17, 2013
Messages 63
DillanWolfe said:
Sorry Ultra but I know 10 in mtl that do. Technology is amazing these days.

I know some people have the gadget on their tablet or smartphone to take credit cards. In my experience, it's not something you usually see from indy's, or at least it's certainly not advertised. Montreal might be different. It sounds like it is if indy's are more likely to take credit cards than agencies. Most cities like Toronto, Auckland, and I think London, UK, it is the exact opposite. I just didn't expect Montreal to be different in that regard.
Joined Dec 1, 2009
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Reverdy knows his Montreal stuff. He's guided me in the right direction more than a few times. Euphoria is excellent. On my last trip, Godiva also delivered in spades.

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