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MONDAY @ SELECT ...Happy MAY 24 Weekend!! ... Kailey & Layla Will Help You Celebrate!!

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-- Kailey has a solid reputation and is eager to please...This Dutch/Canadian girl is absolutely remarkable. Her long gorgeous legs and dreamy green eyes will catch your attention immediately and her stunning looks will make your hands sweat, until you really see how sweet, playful and down to earth she really is!! -- 4m-11pm


--Layla is that sexy mature lady you have either seen at your bank or behind the desk of a very important board meeting!
She's rambling on about some important issues, however, in your mind it's you and her alone in the back room with her thin legs
wrapped tight around your waste, her soft wet tongue slipping in and out of your mouth while her hot steamy passionate body awaits to be taken... Let us know if you are interested in 2 hours with Layla and she'll bring along a fine bottle of WINE to lighten to mood!!!!!! --3pm-10pm

Check out our website for further information. We will happily answer any questions you may have via PM or EMAIL, However, we will only take bookings via PHONE or TEXT...

PHONE: 416-929-0229
TEXT: 416-587-1137


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