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MONDAY @ MINX COMPANIONS :) 2 Super Hot MINX = Parker Vip +Sophia VIP. New Review Included Must read!!

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💞MONDAY @ MINX Companions💞

Parker VIP




Wednesday at 5:06 PM

As the saying goes... when the cat is away the mice will play.
I've never seen a girl on such short notice before. Yesterday I was viewing TERB and saw Minx's advertisement.
Sophia was working in Markham so I texted to see if there was any availability and there was so it was a go. I like the Markham location, just off the 404, free parking and nice room nothing to complain about.



I think this is the best picture of Sophia... she's not a big girl (well except in a certain area).

Our session started right on time (which is nice). Upon entering, I gave Sophia a quick kiss on the cheek, handed over the envelop and retreated to the bathroom to shower up. When I came out Sophia came over to me and we started kissing.
My hands were all over her body and I quickly undid the straps. I looked at her and said "jack pot"! She had a good laugh.
She fell to her knees and started giving me a BJ. Getting a BJ and grabbing the girls tits is one of the biggest turn on for me.
I redirected our fun to the bed where it would be a little more comfortable for her. I'm a little older now and it can sometimes take a little longer... but not today
. BBBJCIM Round 1.

Had a nice chat, learned things about each other, it was kind of cute how she was curled up and snuggled into me. Started Round 2 with some kissing and stroking again and she used her mouth to get me ready. Watching her in cowgirl...

YEAH-HUH!!!... what a sight... I would have lasted forever in this position so I flipped her over and finished in MISH.

F....k it's been a while since I've been with a girl. The only thing I would note is that Minx has her down as DDG.
I already made a comment in another thread about DDG. As many other members mentioned DDG is rare to find. If you want to know what DDG is, go see Alice. I would say Sophia is GND face wise but to each their own. Thanks for the great time Sophia... we had a lot of fun!!!


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