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Looking through the CAERF Indi and Agency ads, I saw that Minx was hosting downtown. They are rarely downtown. I’ve been meaning to use this agency more and i couldn’t turn down the opportunity. The phone rep was a total Doll to work with and Minx was a solid experience from start to finish. Missy was the girl on schedule. Missy has worked at another agency and she is Provider with a solid rep and a number of positive reviews.

IMO, Missy is unique young lady who differentiates herself from other SPs. There is nobody that i can think of in her lane in terms of her stylish look, edgy personality, spinner figure, and passionate GFE/PSE service. Missy’s most unique feature is her very thin Spinneresque figure. She’s definitely not for those who want large breasts and heavy curves. Facially cute, nice little grabable ass, some moderate ink. She’s got a bit of “Street” in her persona but has a great servicing attitude, works hard, and is easy to be with. She seems to read her clients well and adjusts her service to meet their needs. Definitely a girl to get down and dirty with under the covers.


DFK – Passionate DFK right at the door. We didn’t move 2 feet inside the room for the first 5-minutes. She showed me that I was in for a sensational session right off the bat.

Massage – (Me On her) Post shower i found her lying on her belly wearing only skimpy black panties. I took her cue that she needed her switch turned on so I gave her a full body massage with some DATY. I’m highly trained in the art of massage from hours of watching internet MassagePorn /-Thumbs-up::/. I’ve got to admit that i enjoyed playing the masseuse and I unleashed a 95lb Hellcat.

BBBJ – Holy fellatio. Talk about hungry, aggressive Head. Missy threw a whirlwind of techniques and speeds at me. Head twists on the way down and some kind of magical tongue work on the cap. Lots of attention to the boys and some unexpected attention to the under-carriage.

CFS – Missionary with DFK, and when she wasn’t kissing there was lots of breathy dirty talk that inspired more effort from me. Loved the way she fucks back from below. In CG Missy rode my “Magnificence” for her own moment and she repositions in a few different positions with a sensuous DFK after her O.

I had a great time with Missy. She’s a top Provider in my books.

Now if Minx will only send Tegan, Casey and Dakota downtown...

Hope this helps.


Looks like you've ended you hiatus! I'd squash poor little missy!:biggrin2:


Snippets said:
Almost TGTBT. How Photoshop are her pictures?.

IMO, Missy's pictures flatter her like most photos of SPs. Manage your expectations but the pics are definitely her and represent her thin figure. Obviously the Tatoos have been photo shopped.


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Swede said:
IMO, Missy's pictures flatter her like most photos of SPs. Manage your expectations but the pics are definitely her and represent her thin figure. Obviously the Tatoos have been photo shopped.

I completely concur with Swede. If you like spinners with great service you can't go wrong with Missy.
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I concur with Swede. Misssy is an excellent provider. She is a very tiny provider, has a great attitude and is fun to spend time with her.
The last time I saw her she gave me a two hours bbbj, cock worship session that was out of this world. She did not get tired of playing with little prick. It was an unforgettable experience.

I think it's time to give her another visit. Rai, I'll need the moped and some Caramel ��


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I keep notes on your reviews an have been following

Thanks again.

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