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Hamilton miss delia (bad apple)

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called her up to make an apointment, i went to her place on xxx cathern street south apt xx. i buzzed her same # as apt she was a no show she did not answer . i made another apointment with her, this time she came through. this was the worst experiance ever, what an attitude she has, she puts the (b) in bitch. her personal hygene was terable, an outhouse smelled better than her. she has no personality at all, rushes you takes your money and kicks you out. Guys she is a bad apple i would stay away. i was almost sick she smelled so bad.when she took her panties off there were skid marks it was disgusting

The Dean

Re: miss delia (bad apple)

Thank you for the review, but please do not post full address of the provider.


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Re: miss delia (bad apple)

The Dean said:
Thank you for the review, but please do not post full address of the provider.

Some people just don't learn :twisted:


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Re: miss delia (bad apple)

SKID MARKS! Wow, you are a trooper to hang in there. I guess it was a case of making the best of a BAD situation. You already paid your money so you wanted to at least get off. I had a similar experiance once with an agency outcall. Girl got naked on my couch and I started to go down on her. Made it as far as the bellybutton ... uturn back to the tits. The smell was like a can of cat food had been left out on the counter on a hot summer day. Not for the faint of heart. :eek:


Re: miss delia (bad apple)

Jeezus man...cut your losses and save your lunch...walk out!!

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