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Pickering Angels Miss Carmen @ Pickering Angels

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zigzaw joker

Joined Apr 21, 2010
Messages 285
There's a few attendants on my list to see @ Pickering Angels, miss Carmen was one of them. As it's been stated many times, PA is a top shelf MP, booking process, arrival to departure, all went smooth as usual.

Carmen walked in just as I was drying off, she introduced her self with a smile and good eye contact. Pics of Carmen are fairly accurate, however she's shorter, i'd say 5'2 .. and most likely 5-10 lbs lighter than her stats,.. yep she's a spinner ! Her jet black hair is incredibly long too, right down to her ass, super sexy IMO.

I opted for my usual BS service, I assumed the position while Carmen disrobed immediately. Any doubts of whether or not I would enjoy this session had vanished by that point. Once oiled up Carmen mounted the table to begin massaging, she used her body weight frequently to apply an incredible amount of pressure for such a petite woman, teasing intensity increased as the session progressed, also the scenery in the mirrors wasn't too shabby either as she changed positions many times,

We switched positions on the table where I show cased my massage skills as i groped her un-restricted on her front and back side, Carmen's body has decent tone and is well proportioned. I was offered a couple of different hawt finishing options, however I suggested one of my own that she eagerly accommodated in an un-rushed fashion, which had very good intensity ( except when I was apparently choking her somewhat ... oops, sorry Carmen !)

I found Carmen to be fun, personable, outgoing attendant with above average skills, i will repeat ! Thanks for the great session Carmen, see you soon.

damage $130 + tip

Knight Rider

Well-known member
Joined Nov 14, 2009
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Thanks for the review, ZZ. I am due for a MPA appointment and Miss Carmen sounds amazing, so if I am in the Pickering area, I will definitely pay her a visit.


Lou Pole

Well-known member
Joined Feb 13, 2010
Messages 110
That body reminds me of another girl I've seen. Does anyone know if she worked at Palladium under a different name?.


Joined May 14, 2010
Messages 112
ZJ, good review. I agree with everything you said. This girl will make you feel comfortable. Only thing negative I can say about her was she was a smoker, but I think all the girls in this profession are smokers.


Senior Member
Joined May 18, 2010
Messages 2
Do any of the girls at Pickering Angels offer DATY or 69?

Do any of the girls at Pickering Angels offer DATY or 69?

Visited them a few times, and the menu seems very restricted


Joined May 14, 2010
Messages 112
timmyzee said:
Visited them a few times, and the menu seems very restricted

That is not allowed at any of these places. Also bringing it up is not a good idea on the board. I am just saying from experience. PM for details.
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