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Joined Mar 10, 2010
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tboy said:
and I agree with CG: there should be an evening wear contest, a bikini contest and a dumb question to be answered.....

Then start one :D


Queen of Boots and Cupcakes
Joined Apr 7, 2017
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Rayden said:
Sillygirl is the naked assistant remember. I say the winner should have her picture taken with her naked assistant!

That is true, I am unable to accept any nominations for Miss Caerf. You're all very sweet, though, thank you.

Picture, LOL...this really isn't my first rodeo, hon. I've been hanging around review boards for a few years now, and there's never been a pic of me posted. And there won't be here, either. :)



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Alexandra the great

Alexandra the great

I agree with you GDL, what a very tough choice! Alexandra does fit all those qualities that are menitoned, and to boot she did one of the first Sunday night chats, and then was the pioneer for that HOT video chat.....seems like a legend in the making!

Just my 2cents!

GDLLover said:
Its a tough choice and there are so many ladies that are worthy.

Shouldn't Miss CAERF be someone whom we all know, has a great reputation as an SP and has impacted CAERF and the industry in a positive way?

There could be no other than Alexandra for her introducing us to the video chat. That was an event that couldn't be missed.


1) Tries to help other ladies;
2) Her posts are interesting and well thought out;
3) Little drama and conflict;
4) Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac;
5) Looks really hot smoking a cigar.

Chloe Croft

Auggie said:
Chloe Croft needs to step up and get some assless pants pics...........A hot body with perky tits and that girl-next-door friendliness only takes you so far. :wink:

Well I've got a pair of pants and scissors. Now I just need a photographer!


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Somebody help Chloe, we need to see her sweet body in assless pants right away. :D

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