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It was a crappy rainy day and this Sauna club was close to my hotel so I paid it a visit. Entry was 40E and while there was buffet food it wasn't that great. This Club has two large TV screens near the bar that shows the Girl's Photos on the right & their services with prices on the left. Four new Girls had no photos. Also there was a small screen on the far right showing which of the 10 rooms were occupied . All the girls were 40E for 1/2hr & 70E hr with a few doing 25-30E Quickies. Also it showed "EXTRA" services available with prices to be discussed in the room but it was in German. I had a problem trying to figure out who some of the Girls were as they wore heavy makeup for their photos but not in the Club. After waiting more than an hour to find girls whose photos I liked I finally figured out they were same girls I saw walking around without makeup. During that time a loud girl named Melissa tried to get me to take her to a room. That was the only Girl I saw approaching Guys. Most other Girls just smiled at you when walking by.

It was then that I noticed a sexy Dirty blonde enter the room. I decided to just talk to her to get some details of how this club worked. Her name was Miriam and this was 2nd day working here. She spoke English well and was very outgoing and friendly. I agreed to 1/2hr for 40E . In the room Miriam started reciting the price for all of her extras . All I remember was +20E for CIM, +10E for fingering and 30E for CIM. Miriam told me the Girls are required by the Club to inform Guys of all extra prices before starting a session. Then she asked me if I had been to Sharks and I replied yes. She said she worked there a few years back and GFE with kissing , bbbj , Daty , Sex with condom, & CIM was 150E . ( which I knew) She went on to say even paying for her extras it was a lot less than Sharks , which it was. At this point I was thinking Mirian is a walking Cash Resister and while she seemed nice I had no idea of her service. She asked if I like to kiss but I told her no . It was extra. I decided to spring for the +20E BBBJ .

Miriam undressed and she had a smoking body with great tits. C's with just a little droop and pink puffy nipples. I decided to explore her body 1st and I started kissing and sucking her tits as I rubbed her pussy , taking care not to let a finger enter her pussy as that was extra. Soon Miriam started moaning and my 1st thought was FAKE moans & then I wondered if they were going to cost me be extra also? I moved down to lick her pussy and soon she was pushing against my tongue as she moaned louder. It was then that I first felt the spasms in her tummy and the wetness began. I let her have her fun then I decided to ask if we could 69 , not remembering if that was on the extra list. Miriam quickly replied "yes ...BUT" ( Oh hell here we go ) she then added " You MUST lick my pussy the same way" I was tempted to say that will cost you extra but the little head told me to shut the fuck up! We started 69 and soon Miriam was sucking me like an all day sucker. Ther BBBJ was well worth the +20E. After a few minutes I was more than ready to go so Miriam suited me up with a London brand Red Condom.

Miriam got on top to do some CG and let out a moan. She then leaned forward and began to bounce her ass up & down faster. I didn't want to finish too soon so I told her to move for Doggy which allows me more control of the pace and movement. I moved behind her and she let out a loud groan as my Dick entered her pussy so I pushed as hard as I could. Then I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard & fast with her ass slapping against me loudly. Miriam reached in to give herself a helping hand as I went at her. I could only keep that pace up for a short time so I slowed down and went for long deep stokes. Miriam then turned her head looking at me with her mouth wide open and this surprised look on her face. I couldn't last much longer so I had her turn over and I got on top and I raised one of her legs up at the same time to go deeper. Miriam then reached down and massaged my wet balls. She popped and I went with her. When we got up off the bed I noticed two large wet spots. I'm guessing the 1st was when I licked her pussy and the 2nd maybe was at the end when we we both popped together, but then again it could have been the Doggy?

All in all Miriam turned out to be a hell of a lot fun. I'm now thinking I should have went for extra +30E for CIM. I bet she would have swallowed me whole! Honestly this was one of my hotter sessions even without the kissing!

After a shower and a small snack of the iffy food I decided I didn't want to take a chance and maybe spoil the great mood I was in with another girl here at the club so I left.

**While Miriam was removing the red condom from me I told her that most clubs use the white London brand condoms. Miriam replied she buys the red ones herself because they are safer . It took me quite a while to pop so I figured the Red ones were thicker? A few weeks later I took a red one & a white one from the bowl on Sharks counter. My friends and I felt each one and the red one felt thicker!

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