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Niagara Falls Miriah of Diamonds

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Miriah of Diamonds

So it was Diamonds Anniversary on April 1st and they were offering a special. Of course I decided to take advantage of it, not that I need an excuse. The little head does most of the thinking anyway. So I checked the website, called Michelle and prebooked Miriah for an hour.

I’m partial to petite ladies and Mariah is certainly petite. Just 5’ 1” and 90 lbs, she is tiny, so for me it was like hitting the jackpot. She arrived a few minutes late but with a beautiful smile on her face and a happy outgoing disposition. Framed by long dark hair, her face has a model-like quality. She was wearing skinny black jeans with a low cut red top that showed just the right amount of cleavage. I offered her a glass of wine and we sat on the couch and got to know each other. She is very outgoing and within a few minutes we began to feel very comfortable with each other. She made the mandatory safety call and asked to be excused to go to the washroom.

I put on some music, made my way to the bedroom and within a couple of minutes she came in wearing just a little sexy black top and nothing else. She started right a way with a BBBJ and BLS. Her skills in this area are excellent by my standards. She drove me crazy for probably 10 minutes, then she climbed on my face so I could return the favour. Pretty soon she got the cover out so we could get into the main event. We tried cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggie before this old guy ran out of steam so off with the cover and back to BBBJ for the finish. The hour went by way too fast and she had to go, so with a kiss and hug she was off. The only thing that would have made the evening better is if I we could have curled up together and fell asleep.

All in all a great start to the Easter weekend… weather and a hot girl; what more could a guy ask for.

Miriah has great looks and a great personality. Would I repeat…..oh yeah!


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Awesome Matrix they have a nice line up of SP as photos suggests.


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I saw her a couple of weeks ago. Here's the link to the thread.....

A definite repeat for me.
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