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Was a bit restless and although I wanted to see someone I was more than willing to see someone new(er) who intrigued me. And since she was new to the agency and had the body type that I like I set up a meeting with Mina from Niagara’s Angels who indicated Mina is exactly someone you need to meet.

Mina arrived in a timely manner and when I opened the door both of us smiled like kids in a candy store. Nothing like meeting someone you know, we kind of lost contact with each other for reasons we couldn’t figure out, but we knew our wants and desires were virtually a perfect fit. After we literally hugged and DFK’d each other to death when she first walked in, I asked what her schedule was like because I was going to extend even before we started, rare for me to do unless you know you’re with the right person.
Sadly extending time that night wasn’t possible :sad: but a few days later we reconnected to make what we did on this first meeting a warm up for our second meeting.

Wanting to keep a few things we did more discrete since that comes from trust and knowing each other, so the short version review is as following:

GFE? Very much so. Along with her fun and easy going attitude Mina brings her A- game and the 2 us pushed each other’s buttons as old acquaintances do. MPOS most definitely with lots of DFKs. In terms of giving and receiving oral the answer to both is a YES. Her responses along with some digits was intense and a pleasure to watch both her and her body’s reaction. And in return her BBBJ with some DT and ball play was a delight to experience.

As I said this was our first meeting in some time and a great way to get reacquainted. And that was a great warm up for meeting a few days later where we used our first session as getting to know each other again and a warm up to how we exhausted each other on our second meeting. :biggrin2:

Mina’s professionalism is top notch and with her experience, I think there may even be a bit of fetish and kink in her back pocket, if requested depending on who it is, your time with her will be top notch if you treat her with respect.

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