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Alright gents! I was patiently waiting for a toftt but did not seem to be forthcoming, so I went.

Booking, checking in, all smooth, professional, no drama.

Same location, great set up, mirrors everywhere! Clean showers! Always liked that.

Mia is a cute co-ed, slim with nice bikini body, curves where they should be. Loved her slim waist, round derriere, flat abs. Few small ink but not distracting. Long dark brunette hair, big brown eyes, long lashes, straight white teeth.

Very easy to chat with, not a moment of awkwardness.

We started to LFK, Mia slowly introducing her tongue, and DFK'ing. Her skin is soft, she smells great. I nibble my way down her neck, to her firm breasts and undo her bra to unleash a very round, firm set of B cups. Licking her nipples brought them to erectness. Mia softly moaning in approval.

I kiss and lick my way to her Y, peeling off her panties and parting her legs slowly. Oh Wow! Yuppie would be in heaven! Very tiny peach, clean, symmetrical clams. Using my tongue to separate her very think labia, worked my tongue upto her clit. She tasted amazing, clean, and wet. Building up the speed, I am sensing Mia's hip starting to grind. Slipping in my index, I gently stroke her G spot while continuing to circle her clit. Mia's moans and breath building, juices flowing, and then her hands on the back of my head, pulling me in, and thighs shuddering she came.

Mia's body goes limp and she says, 'that was fastest I ever came'

She then set up, mirrors behind her, and starts to BBBJ. Slowly licking, sucking, and deftly using her hands. Definitely better than most. She did warn me no CIM and I was getting close so gently pulled away and reached for the dome.

I asked Mia to face the mirror in doggie and entered her slowly. She is tight! And felt so good. Mia clenching her fingers on the sheet, moaning with my strokes was hot. Watch us in mirror, hotter. In jockey, Mia's moans became louder, and even louder when I started to rub her clit. Switching to CG, Mia lowered her self and I started to hammer my way, holding her Asian CG. Wanting to DFK, changed to mish. Both embracing tightly, DFK'ing, and then me grabbing her firm ass to pound harder, Mia digging her nails in my back, I SOG deep inside her.


Mia is no pro, genuine co-ed but definitely enjoys sex. She takes directions well, lovely personality, and cute.
I'm going back for more.
Joined Jan 27, 2011
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Thanks for the TOFTT Diner1
I love your reviews and how you describe the sight, touch, taste and smell of your experiance....boing!
You did say you were going in for some and she appears to be Most Incredibly Awesome!
Another Sassy Mia superstar in the makings it seems.
Maybe the crazy ex Mia PSE menu will open up in time but it doesn't seem to matter if she's as awesome as we hear it from you.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. Definitely like the look of Mia. :) Need to try to visit Sassy again with all their roster addictions.
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