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the dharma

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Joined Feb 8, 2010
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Couple of fav ma's on my repeat rotation list were MIA a few weekends ago, so went on the hunt to find a worthy replacement. Decided to pop into AGS to see if anybody was available. Receptionist told me melody was on schedule and would be out in a few minutes. Couple minutes later comes out this bodacious blonde with one of the biggest pair of titties I've ever seen. I was in mammary bliss. In the massage room, once I freshened-up, shamelessly told melody my session wishlist, and she seemed very cool with the idea. Unlike some ma's that take their clothes off after the massage portion of the session, melody began peeling off her bra and panties from the word go. The woman has a hot hot body. Huge cans, tapered waist, long legs etc. Once the massage got started, feeling her soft smooth skin up against mine felt incredible. Everything was making me crazy at this point, the scent of her lushious body, her soft seductive voice etc. I wanted to devour every inch of her delicious body, especially those magnificant breasts :). Finish portion of the session was prolonged, intense, and very explosive. Overall, hot time with a hot girl.

TEASE: 8.5


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ChaosTheory said:
Thanks for the reminder TD, I have to see this woman again.

I find that her pictures don't do her justice, she is better looking in the flesh.

Barry abone

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Joined Mar 23, 2010
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I think Melody has to be my next one to see. Will pay just to stare at those breasts :grrrrrr:.

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