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Booking with allure was simple. I have seen alot of other girls there. Facilities are good. Only thing is the soap dispensers in the showers are not filled sometimes and the soap is not the best quality with very little lather.

Megan is an average looking girl. Blonde Polish that is tall and thin with natural breasts and not the most toned body. She is friendly but talks A LOT! Massage was average. When we moved to the body slide part I noticed prominent stretch marks on her breasts which is indicative that she had a child.

All aspects of the massage were within normal MP limits. Very tight on touching the kitty. Overall I did not have a good connection with her. She did nothing wrong and I still popped my load on her breasts. Some of you that like blondes will like this girl but she was not my cup of tea.

Face: 7/10 - she is slightly on the older scale
Body: 8/10 - only drawback was stretch marks
Service: 7/10 - talks a bit too much

Repeat: No - not because she is bad but because there are so many other fish in the sea


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Nice job TD. I've also seen megan and my experience pretty much mirrors yours. Nothing really wrong with her, buy nothing really outstanding either. Strictly a pedestrian type attendant. Not a repeat for me.

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