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Meaning of your CAERF handle

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I know this is a young site so lets see how far this thread goes.

I made mine up from a different site, no not that site another one before them.
Been hobbying for the last 25 years so its self explanatory. Had to put 123 as same handle was used by someone else.



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Re: Meaning of your CAERF handle

Cause i am a laid back person and like people to be act and be cool all the time


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Re: Meaning of your CAERF handle

I have a sex problem, must have it everyday. Been to councilors, therapy nothing works. Will die being sick man :D


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Re: Meaning of your CAERF handle

JIGGY JIGGY, when I see I woman bent over, in my head the phrase jiggetyjiggety keeps repeating over and over. :mrgreen:

Maybe I am saying too much, no one will want to be associated with me now.

Kirk Lazarus

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Re: Meaning of your CAERF handle

My nAme is a tribute to my favourite fictional actor from Tropic Thunder.


Just something I snagged out of thin air... Really! :lol:


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Augustus was the first ruler of the Roman Empire, it means "the revered one".

Plus it rhymes with doggie, the position I usually cum.


A hot girl I worked with many years ago gave me this handle for two reasons, I played hockey all the time and I was cool under pressure. Nothing to do with Val Kilmer and Top Gun. The _dci was just something that has meaning somewhere else and was more original than 123 (sorry BT) as everyone and their uncle wants to have a "COOL" name like ICE :lol:


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I have no clue what it means. Anyone have a clue about my handle?
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