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Man’s ‘disgusting . . . disturbing’ acts in office feel like sex assault.

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RayFinkle running loose again.

[h=1]Not a mere mischief, says victim[/h]A woman whose co-worker repeatedly ejaculated into her coffee cup, and more, says he ought to face a sex-assault charge


Warning: Graphic content.
For years Douglas Whaley snuck into his co-worker’s office when no one was around, ejaculated into her coffee cup and on her desk and rubbed his penis on her phone.
He filmed himself doing so — 25 videos were discovered by police when they searched his phone and computer during a voyeurism investigation, a judge said at his sentencing hearing in Newmarket in February.

Read all if you want to be sick.



I feel horrible for that poor woman, what a sick piece of shit that "man" is. It's shameful that he has been charged with such a menial charge. Hopefully that story and his pic will haunt him for a very long time. I'm glad he was stupid enough to film it or else he probably would never have been caught. I'm sure karma will reap him the appropriate reward:)
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In this situation I believe b y intent it does go to sexual assault.

When trying and sentencing a perp, intent can be considered.
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