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Man claims 'Stand Your Ground' defense after allegedly shooting two men dead and

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'slow-cooking' their bodies and burying them in his back yard - and the judge grants him BAIL

  • James Loftis, 39, charged with two counts of murder in South Carolina shooting deaths of cab driver Guma Dubar, 45, and James Newland, 39
  • Told police he killed them in self-defense after they barged into his home demanding he pay taxi fare on March 5
  • Men were fatally shot and their bodies were burned before Loftis allegedly buried them in his backyard
  • He later called his wife saying he was suicidal after killing two people
  • Judge granted him $250,000 bail during court appearance on Monday
  • His lawyer proposed the 'Stand Your Ground' defense tactic during the court appearance
The 39-year-old claims that he shot and killed taxi cab driver Guma Dubar, 45, and James Newland, 32, in self-defense when they entered his home on March 5 demanding money for a large taxi fare.

Loftis took the 13 mile ride back to Goose Creek from a Charleston strip club.
'What he said to everybody, including the police, 'I had the phone in my hand, I was going to call and I freaked out,' ' attorney Stephen Harris said, quoting the defendant.

'What happened afterward is heinous,' Harris told . 'There's nothing good about it.'
Berkeley County Deputy Solicitor Bryan Alfaro said the prosecution would continue pursuing the case.
In a grim account of the alleged crime, he said: 'They were essentially just slow-cooked inside the grave site.'

Goose Creek Assistant Police Chief Maj. John Grainger said Loftis was charged in the killings back in March.
An arrest affidavit states that police went to Loftis' home on South Pandora Drive on March 6 at 10.15pm after his wife reported her husband was suicidal and claiming to have killed two people while she was out of town.

When questioned by police, Loftis said he took a cab home from a strip club early Saturday morning and went inside.

According to the report, the taxi driver and another person later showed up on Loftis' doorstep and forced their way inside demanding he pay for the cab ride.

The judge should be going to jail for granting him bail. He buried them for God's sake.

Al Bumin

Bury the Judge for a few minutes, see what his verdict will be then after.


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His story is so full of bullshit. Wonder if the judge is a senile old man.


Something is not adding up here. Makes no sense that he was allowed to have bail.
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