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Mallory SFTO (Overall: B)

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Mallory SFTO (Overall: B)

On paper, she’s similar to Jamie (25 year old spinner) but in reality, she looks much more mature, with a lower/huskier voice, has a bigger frame with a bit of meat on top. She has somewhat of a similar look, but personality is more outgoing, maybe too much so - talking at the start ate into the time.

Face: 6.5 – NMCOT. She’s a really nice lady and everything...but you guys, I have no idea what some of you guys are talking about. As a courtesy, I won’t post her estimated age range, ...let's just say older than I had Jamie.

Body: 6.5 - Pics are outdated and/or heavily edited - whether the profile is intentionally misleading or not, it's simply inaccurate. With respect to this lovely lady, she’s pastier, saggier, and complexion is not as smooth as depicted.

Service: 10 - Amazing energy. Very eager to please from the second I entered to the second I left. She did whatever and is very skilled. The exact opposite of rushed, she really wanted to make sure I had fun (yea, she made absolutely sure I got off). One of the nicest people I’ve ever met from any walk of life.

Recommend: Depends. Not my type, but if you want a friendly, accommodating lady, and don’t mind if she’s a bit older, then yes. She has a lot of redeeming qualities (experience, personality, overall skillset). Facially, I did not find her attractive but other members did. If a client is nervous about being with a woman or seeking companionship, Mallory’s perfect. Just don’t expect someone in their mid-20s or have the body in the pics.

WIR: No - not looking for a buddy to chat with.

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