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Were those guys? I have serious trust issues with you people's posts! :biggrin2:
Joined Sep 10, 2015
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I like her - 33% sexy, 34% pretty; 33% innocent.

I would definitely have sex with her multiple times.

She's MAL approved.
Joined Sep 10, 2015
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My girlfriend asked me if I wanted to travel to Tokyo and visit some Maid Cafes. She thought I would like to see the girls and expereince the service. I told her we could stay home, she could dress up for me and she could be my maid.

Do you notice that J-girls have uncontrollable squeezing of their pussies during sex. Every J-girl I have been with squeezes her pussy and even when I ask them not to, they say 'I didn't know I was doing that'.

I don't like pussy squeezing. If they are going to orgasm, I want them to do it after I am finished and on their own time.


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Honestly I have never tried them at all. I was fortunate to be reunited with a female friend whom I met in LA. Let just say i was very surrpised and happy with the visit.
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