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MAL, What do you think of her? :)

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I don't find her overally attractive, but she is nice looking of course.

I was at work tonight and I saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL white girl I have seen in a long time. She was in her last year of high-school and looking to attend university in my area - Yes. I went up to her and started to chat. She worked in one of the nearby stores and she was on her dinner break. Beautiful eyes, perfect and delicate hair, amazing body. 10/10 for her age. I am way too old for her of course and I have already met a woman who is a 20/10, so even 10/10s are only worth chatting up.

I realized that I liked this white girl's look because, like many chinese girls I meet, her look was simple, clean and innocent looking. There are many, many pretty white girls, and i like the ones that look naturally beautiful - simple, not too much make-up etc. The GND look. I don't like the trashy look. I like innocent and clean looking.

Anyways, this girl was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Not the most beautiful I have met, but in the top 5 of all time in my life for sure. Top 5 easily. There was a Korean girl that was very pretty and of course a few Chinese girls that were also nice. All of them were GND looking, but had that pure beauty about them.

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